Daily Gospel Reflection for November 2, 2016 - All Souls Day


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Today’s Gospel: John 6, 37-40 – All Souls Day

It´s very hard when we lose someone dear to us. Even harder is when this person is young and leaves this earthly life too prematurely for human eyes. The loss of a child for a father, or the lost of a father to a young child raises some questioning: why me? But why we don´t ask: why not me?

Many times we question God´s will for our lives. We think, analyze the options and the hypotheses, but whatever we think and ponder, the solution is simple: the will of the Father is that we surrender in Faith and in the belief of his Son Jesus, with the clear goal to obtain salvation. Nothing more. Besides, everything is the consequence of this surrender, of this belief. When we surrender ourselves faithfully to this truth, we notice that life moves toward a path of sanctity and plenitude.

God provides what is necessary to us; our path is guided by Him, and this give us the security that we are on the right way. All the rest becomes secondary when we focus on our salvation and on eternal life. So, there are no reasons for anguish, no need of thoughts about what God is keeping for us.

Jesus wants us, he doesn’t want to lose us. We belong to this people that will resurrect in the last day. How much joy we have for, as Jesus followers, we´ll be taken to eternal life! This life on Earth is not the end of the journey, but a door that opens to the definitive freedom besided the Resurrected Christ!


How do I relate to death? How do I handle a situation like this? Do I really believe in eternal life? Take this affliction in your prayers: ask God the Father to illuminate you and help you beat this weakness and strengthen you in Faith!


Dear Jesus, today I put in your arms my afflictions, especially my weakness in dealing and accepting death, especially of dear ones. Make me see and feel the reality of eternal life. Tranquilize my heart and strengthen me for the moment I’m called to the eternal abode. Amen.


Copyright 2016 Simone and Juliano Araujo, translated from the original Portuguese by Flavia Ghelardi

Simone and Juliano Araujo are consecrated members of Family Federation of Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement in Brazil. They are teachers and work, through education, to evangelize and take to others a word of love, the Love of the Father.


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