Daily Gospel Reflection for November 8, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 17, 7-10

I’ve been having a rough go of it spiritually. Sure, I’ve been praying the rosary daily, praying novenas, going to Mass with my family and praying my list of intentions, but I haven’t been there. I haven’t been present. My prayer life has become like a to-do list. I’m not irritated by ticking this off my list, but I am irritated by how lacking it is in feeling, sentiment, and presence. My dutiful prayer life hasn’t gone unnoticed. As I say my 16th Hail Mary, my eyebrow raises and I notice that I am thinking about what to post on Instagram later, or whether or not I really feel like making chili for dinner.

You see, I’ve been doing what I know makes a “good” Catholic. I’ve been doing what I am “supposed” to be doing, not what I ought to be doing. I’m not coming from a place in my prayer life where I am serving Him. I am not going about my day in service to Jesus, but to my own personal set of priorities. Of course my spiritual life is rough, because He’s not in it! But Jesus is there, patiently waiting for me to figure it out, knowing full well that I will have these rough patches again. We both know it. But for today, I woke up, and before I checked my phone (which is always at my bedside next to my bible and embroidery), I said “Ok, you want it, here. Take my day, Lord. Help me. Show me how best to serve you today. Help me do what I should and not what I must”.


Can you offer your day to serving Jesus first? It’s easier than you think. Jesus is in everyone, start with the person next to you.


Lord, you see me. Help me see you. Show me how I can serve you today. Give me the grace to hear you speaking to me even (and especially) in the smallest moments.


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Cristina is a married, stay at home mother of two children. A new Etsy shop owner, she enjoys creating hangable + wearable hand embroidered hoop art designs with the right touch of whimsy. When not stitching, you can find her on Instagram. Join her newsletter and enter to win a handmade embroidery hoop every month!


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