Daily Gospel Reflection for November 22, 2016 - St. Cecilia


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 21, 5-11 – St. Cecilia

Jesus dashed the hopes of those who thought that human structures were permanent. By telling them that the marvel of Jewish architecture would be thrown down with not “one stone left upon another,” Jesus was preparing his listeners and us for the future. Of all that we have humanly achieved, not one stone will be left upon another. We can see this in the ruins of Europe or in ghost towns. We see it in nature in erosion and decay. All things created dissolve eventually into chaos. This is why Chaos Theory, that purports that life was randomly created, makes no sense. The natural tendency is to disorder rather than to order.

So how do we live, knowing that all is passing away? We live by faith in the realities that are not passing. Love that persists after someone dies. Hope in the midst of hopelessness. Trust in Christ Who promised to care for us more than sparrows. Jesus tells us that the portents He mentions will come, and we see now and have read about them in previous times. But “the end will not come immediately.” Instead of worrying about the end of the world, we would do better to remember that OUR end WILL come for sure. Christ lived among us to help us focus on our own end, not on future, cataclysmic events that tend to distract us. What will be left of us when we die? As believers in God’s love, we trust in the permanence of our soul in God’s eternity. Nothing can destroy the soul. Even Satan cannot harm it without our consent. Therefore, focus on following God’s Will. Hold fast in faith. Do good. Witness to Jesus. And let speculation about the world’s end cease. The world’s Creator is in control!


Are you more concerned about your own end or the end of the world or even the end of a personal dream, possession, or relationship? Can you live well, knowing that nothing of this world lasts? How can you change your mindset to focus on eternal realities—love, truth, goodness, faith, hope, and the preeminence of God?


Lord, give me faith to walk with You in trust in this world while knowing that, some day, I and all those whom I love, will be not here. I pray that each of us, and all humanity, will be there in eternity, with You, Lord. Amen.


Copyright 2016 Madeline Pecora Nugent, CFP

Madeline Pecora Nugent, CFP, is a member of the Confraternity of Penitents, author of Anthony: Words of Fire, Life of Light, Clare and Her Sisters, Lovers of the Poor Christ, Love-Ability, and The Divine Office for Dodos as well as having written over 800 stories of the Patron Saints. She is also wife, mom, and grandmom and lives in Indiana.


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