Daily Gospel Reflection for November 27, 2016 - First Sunday of Advent


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 24, 37-44 – First Sunday of Advent

“What Have I Learned Today?” A question I found myself writing on my children’s chalkboard. For me, I have learned that you can’t be unhappy if you are grateful. I mean really, really grateful; for all the time that has past you by, all of the memories you have made or been a part of, even the bad! And there have been some bad.

But what have I learned from all of that? That Jesus has been gently guiding me and preparing me for this moment in time. Whatever it is, whether it’s writing this, or cooking for my family, all of it has led up to this very moment.

So, I ask you, what have you learned? Are you grateful? Are you ready for the coming of the Lord? Are all of your affairs in order? For me today, the answer is yes to all of the above. Do you know why? Because I have learned to be grateful! It has come at some high prices at times; losing friendships, committing some grave sins, taking more than I should, not giving back enough. But today, I know that our Precious Lord and Heavenly Father forgive! He loves me more than I can ever possibly imagine. He leads me to exactly what I need when I need it. So, yes, today I am ready.


Do you have an attitude of gratitude; are loving simply what you have and not wanting for more? Are you ready?


Father, I know you want us all in Heaven celebrating your resurrection with you and to get there you want us to be ready for you to bring us back home. So Father, please continue to lead us home and help us to be willing to give you the reins so that we may be led. Amen


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Jennifer is a stay at home mom of quadruplets. Through the triumphs and trials of raising children she has come to grow deeper in love with her Catholic faith and wishes to spread it to others. Jennifer is also a wife of 13 years and active member of her community where she supports mighty causes such as Children’s Hospital.


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