BELIEVE Movie Opens Wide with Message of Hope

Image copyright © 2016 Believe the Film LLC. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Image copyright © 2016 Believe the Film LLC. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

You probably might not know yet about a fun family movie opening nationwide in theaters this week… but you should!

BELIEVE is one of those Christmas-themed movies that has a message that’s important all year long. But somehow, amidst the decorations and carols, the problems we sometimes face feel particularly poignant during the holiday season. While the rest of the world around us seems wrapped up in the commercial aspects of Christmas, we’re focusing on Advent and preparing our hearts to receive Jesus ever more fully into our lives. But life can be full of the hard stuff that makes us sometimes feel like just giving up. BELIEVE shares a very real situation that many families struggle with at this time of the year: the reality that economic struggles or family hardships may make this a season filled with pain rather than with hope.


believe_keyart_49bFor years, the small town of Grundy, Va. has relied on the Peyton family to provide the highlight of the year—the annual Christmas pageant. When Matthew Peyton (Ryan O’Quinn) inherits the family business, the responsibility of the Christmas pageant also falls on his shoulders. But as financial hardships fall on the town, Matthew finds himself overwhelmed. As his business profits plummet and his workers begin to strike, Matthew is forced to make a decision between selling the family business and cancelling the beloved pageant or sticking out hardships despite his rapidly declining popularity in the community. Through chance events, Matthew meets Clarence (Issac Ryan Brown), a boy who believes in miracles, and his mother Sharon (Danielle Nicolet). His newfound friends impact Matthew’s life in a way he never thought possible and teach him to believe and give faith a chance.

My favorite character in BELIEVE is precocious Clarence, adorably played by Issac Ryan Brown. This film is worth watching even if only for Issac’s lovable turn as “Gabriel” and a reminder of the true magic of what really happens at Christmas.

One of the best things to love about BELIEVE is the song “Glory! (Let There Be Peace)” written by the ever-awesome Matt Maher, featured in the film and in this sneak peek.

Create a new holiday tradition this year by enjoying BELIEVE an instant classic that reminds us what’s most important about Christmas. With a message of the hope promised with the coming of Christ in the nativity, BELIEVE offers hope and a reminder of why we celebrate and, and just what it is that we believe.

Rating: PG (for some violence, thematic elements and brief mild language)

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Copyright 2016 Lisa M. Hendey

Image copyright © 2016 Believe the Film LLC.  All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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