My Catholic Bible Road Kit: Have Travel Bible, Will Pray!

Taking my Bible on the road is now easy and joyful!

Taking my Bible on the road is now easy and joyful!

In this season of life, I find myself on the road several times a month for family visits and speaking engagements. So my normal and preferred morning prayer time routine of lingering with my Bible and a cup of coffee needed a bit of transformation.

I have been praying with several apps on the road and have definitely enjoyed the Kindle version of our lovely new daily devotional The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion. But I just couldn’t shake my desire to pray with a “real” bible instead of an app. I love to take notes, to highlight, to date my Bible and even just to sit quietly reading it randomly.

So I went to my normal “think tank”, my social media contacts, for their suggestion on the best roadworthy Bible. After having a few friends follow up with me to ask about my purchase, I thought I’d share my new “road kit” with you:

Ignatius Catholic Bible, Compact Edition. Image copyright Lisa M. Hendey, all rights reserved.

Ignatius Catholic Bible, Compact Edition. Image copyright Lisa M. Hendey, all rights reserved.

My Catholic Bible Road Kit:

  • Ignatius Catholic Bible, Compact Edition: There’s a lot to love about this leather-bound little lovely. The version is the RSV so it doesn’t always “line up” with the daily lectionary from the USCCB (NAB) but I actually haven’t minded that too much. The Bible is quite compact and I love the fact that I can tuck a few holy cards and my pens into its zip up case. There’s not much room for other things… even the Magnificat’s slim Advent edition is too big to fit in and zip up. But if you want a compact Bible, this one is perfect for that purpose alone. I wear reading glasses, so the small font size does not bother me. The paper is thin (and gold trimmed), but the pens I selected (see below) do not bleed through. I find myself reading this Bible at random intervals during the day, since it’s so handy and always in my purse. In short, I love it!
  • Pigma Micron-02 Ink Pen: I’m a note taker and a journaler, and I write very, very small! So this pen is the perfect choice for me. The best parts of including it in my Bible road kit are the fact that it does not bleed through the very thin pages of my Bible and that it will tuck nicely into its zipper case. It’s doing double duty as my main journaling pen and my newly neat and tidy journal pages warm my soul. Geeky? Yup!
  • Uchida 6 Piece Le Neon Pen Set: To be precise, I have a four pen set, but if I’d seen this six piece set earlier that’s what I would have bought. I like to highlight a small portion of text from the daily readings to use as a prompt in my prayer time and journaling. I’ve found myself really enjoying these pens. Think “highlighter” only with an extremely fine point that won’t bleed through my Bible’s thin pages.

If you’re looking to take your prayer rituals on the road, I urge you to assemble your own “Bible Road Kit”! If you’re praying with a special tool that travels well, please drop me your hints and ideas in the combox below!

Copyright 2016 Lisa M. Hendey

Images copyright 2016 Lisa M. Hendey


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  1. I used to work in a stationery store (geek heaven right there) and LePen were my favorites! SO many cool colors 🙂 I’ve not tried the Micron pens yet but I bought a pack of my dad, who’s taking an art class.

  2. MaryAnn O'Leary on

    Thank you, Lisa! I was looking for a Bible for my upcoming trip to the Holy Land and it needed to be travel friendly. Google (and God!) led me to you- this is exactly what I need and with bonus pen suggestions to boot! Love it!

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