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Call me old fashioned, but I’m a pen and paper girl at heart. I love writing in my journal and sending hand-written notes to friends. I rarely go to a meeting without my college ruled notepad or traditional composition book that I buy at Target for $1 after the back-to-school sales. There’s something that happens in my brain when I’m forming words on paper – and it just doesn’t happen when I type. That’s why I resisted going digital with my notes and lists for quite some time.

But Evernote won me over. I went digital with most – but not all – of my note-taking and list-making a couple of years ago. Why? Mostly because I live in a digital world and it’s easy to access my notes from wherever I am. But I also love the powerful tagging and searching functionality of Evernote. I don’t have to remember where I put a note or what I called it. And – you’re going to love this! – I can easily share my Evernote files with someone. Let’s say for example, I want my husband to stop at the grocery store on the way home. If he has access to my grocery list, it’s super easy for him!

I use Evernote to capture all of my ideas and document everything from my prayer list to meeting agendas. I use the tagging feature to easily find what I’m looking for. I scan photos, bookmark websites and attach files directly in Evernote. You can even set reminders and use the voice dictation feature.

Want to know more about how I use Evernote?

10 Ways to Use Evernote To Organize Your Life

  1. Keep a prayer list.
  2. Write a grocery shopping list or holiday gift list. I even keep a “wish list” to make notes of gifts I might want to give people for birthdays or other special occasions.
  3. Save inspirational quotes, Bible verses or other meaningful messages.
  4. Plan vacations or family gatherings. I even keep lists of places I want to visit and recommended restaurants in the area.
  5. Keep track of college application and scholarship information.
  6. Compile a list of recommended movies and books or bible studies you would like to do.
  7. Brain-dump ideas for projects you are working on at home or in the office.
  8. Take notes in meetings, at conferences and while listening to podcasts.
  9. Prepare meeting agendas for volunteer and work meetings that you lead.
  10. Keep track of children’s chores and other family and household tasks.

The uses for Evernote are limitless. People use it to store business cards, create to-do lists, plan menus, save recipes, store receipts, organize home improvement projects and much more. If you’re ready to give Evernote a try, you can download the free version here.

Already using Evernote? I’d love to hear your favorite tips and how you are using it to organize your life!

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  1. My husband used Evernote for everything. He is such a fan! I haven’t been able to get over the overwhelmed getting I get when trying to figure it out, though. I hope someday soon, because I see the merits in his organising!

    I loved hearing how you use it 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, Jane. I think you will find it easy once you start using it. Maybe just pick one thing you want to use it for and play with that first! Let me know how that goes:-)

      • Hi Jane,
        My favorite feature of Evernote is the web clipper in the Chrome browser. It makes it really easy to save things for later (like recipes…I could save recipes forever) and tag them so I can find them when I want them.

        I also have a list for books I want to request from the library AND my Christmas-shopping data, under a code name so no snoopy family members will think to look there.

        It lets me save photos, too, so I snapped a photo of the high-school bell schedule. When I need to get in touch with my son (for diabetes-care reminders) I try to do that when he’s between classes.

        I was using OneNote for most things, but I “inherited” a shared-notebook system on Evernote for work, so it made sense to migrate my stuff there and keep it all in one place.

        I hope these ideas help you! Just think of it as a giant ring binder with endless dividers. Each new notebook is a divider. Each new note is a page.

        • that’s a great way to visualize it, Barb! And I love that you text your kids in between class. My kids always make me wonder when I get texts from them during the day!

  2. Eleanor Lalley on

    Thanks for this inspiring article! I use Evernote mostly for lists and lists… my favourite list was the playlist for my 50th birthday party… I also use Evernote for notes on work telephone conversations and meetings because sometimes in the midst of projects I forget what we decided at the last meeting. You have inspired me to try to make it more interactive with pictures and links!

    • What a great idea about the playlist, Eleanor! I asked my daughter to make me a playlist on iTunes so I just need to start keeping track of the songs I like in a shared Evernote file. Brilliant! Thanks:-)

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