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In a world where “traditional values” seem to cause division, one company is embracing a conservative stance and hopes it will resonate with a large part of the country, and eventually, the world.

WonderWe is an up-and-coming crowdfunding website, similar to the well-known GoFundMe, that focuses its fundraising campaigns on “faith, family and friends.” For example, they’ll promote a fundraiser for pro-life efforts, where other crowdfunding sites would shy away from something like that.

“Causes that advance a pro-life ‘agenda’ or that advance the freedom of religion movement are akin to scandal in our secularized world,” WonderWe founder Dominic Ismert said.  “WonderWe rejects this notion – and, what’s more, it has provided a home for these traditional values and causes.  WonderWe has a very deliberate cultural difference.”

Though WonderWe encourages fundraising campaigns revolving around faith, they welcome both faith based and secular initiatives.  Fundraising categories range from medical and emergencies, community, education, arts and entertainment and much more.  Faith based categories include faith and family, religious freedoms, missions and pro-life.  And fundraisers can be started by both nonprofit organizations and individuals.

WonderWe does screen its campaigns to assure they align with the company’s values.

“We are a pro-life company, “Ismert said, “and would not approve initiatives that support abortion on WonderWe.”

Launching in January 2014, WonderWe not only stands apart from other crowdfunding sites because of its religious tone, but has taken the technology of the other sites and improved upon it.  They have the same features of the big name sites, but added even more, including a peer-to-peer feature that allows donors to start their own mini fundraising campaign to raise a percentage of the main fundraising goal.  There is also a video share tool, an organization portal that allows several administrators to work on the fundraiser as well as a mobile app.  On top of it all, they offer a zero fee pricing model.  WonderWe doesn’t take a percentage of the donations for overhead costs, like other sites who can take up to 5 percent, but rather ask the donors for an optional donation to cover these costs.


As WonderWe is building its name, Ismert said it has no secret ingredient to make itself known. He believes, “building a good product with great features and aligning itself with the right values is the place to start.” From there, WonderWe’s strategy is to rely on “the Lord and the goodwill of its customers.”

Starting a fundraiser on WonderWe is quick and easy. Visit to get started.

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