Hush, Hush, Beautiful Is the Mother

"Hush Hush Beautiful is the Mother" by Kaitlyn Mason (

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Christ is born, tell the folk of the village.
Jesus is sleeping in his cradle.
Hush, hush, beautiful is the mother.
Hush, hush, beautiful is her Son.

In a few weeks, we too will be invited to peek into the stable to take a look at baby Jesus. We will begin anew in our endeavors to tell the folk of the village – to tell the people of this world that Jesus is here!

What a gorgeous Christmas carol this truly is, as it invites us to hush.

Hush, hush, be still my soul. Hush, hush, be still my heart.

And beautiful is the mother. What a wonderful phrase.

If we truly were to peek into that long-ago and far-away stable, we would see Mary at Jesus’ side. Perhaps baby Jesus would be in her arms when we arrived.

She truly is beautiful. Can you see her? Can you see how lovely she is and how her eyes are fixed on Christ? Can you see her hair pulled back underneath an ivory veil? Can you feel the warmth of her tender love?

"Hush Hush Beautiful is the Mother" by Kaitlyn Mason (

Copyright 2016 Kaitlyn Mason. All rights reserved.

You see, the beauty of the vocation of motherhood lies in its quiet service.

Mary is the epitome of this servitude. She humbly, gently, ever so carefully, surrendered over her entire self to God. She surrendered her entire self to the process of pregnancy and birth, and she journeyed with her Son all the way to Calvary.

How contrary this is to our culture today that tells women who find themselves pregnant, “You don’t need to serve. You can escape.”

How beautiful it is to see such virtue, such holiness, such gentleness, and such warmth in Jesus’ mother Mary. May we bring these qualities to life more fully in our own vocations!

As we journey through these days of Advent, let us hush. Let us escape from the clamor of the world in moments of quiet reflection.

Let us stand in awe of the beauty of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Let us stand in awe of the gift that Jesus is to the world. Let us stand in awe of the gift that Jesus gave us in his mother Mary.

For beautiful is the mother.

Copyright 2016 Kaitlyn Mason


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