Daily Gospel Reflection for December 19, 2016


Today’s Gospel: Luke 1, 5-25

Advent is about waiting. We are waiting in hope for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Today, we are waiting with a priest named Zechariah and his beloved wife, “her name was Elizabeth.” This aging, righteous, and faithful couple is an example of waiting. They remained strong in their faith and persevered in prayer. They had a longing within their hearts that had not been fulfilled, a child. So they waited year after year as they served the Lord until the day arrived when Zechariah entered the sanctuary.

Imagine the scene, Elizabeth waited as her beloved entered the temple. It must have been hard for her as all she longed for was a baby, a singular sign of God’s favor. She was worn and weary but her eyes glowed with the quiet strength, love and peace that come only from God. But she waited, always believing. The incense surrounded Zechariah as fog rising from the earth lifting a lifetime of prayers heavenward and there appeared an angel, “I am Gabriel”. A messenger was sent. God had heard their prayers. The waiting had ended. God had a different plan.

Zechariah was speechless in disbelief. But what of Elizabeth? Was she speechless with delight? Did she laugh? Did she cry? Did she dance and sing the glory of God? What were her questions? Me? Now? Wow!!

It was a single moment in time; that changed their lives forever. It was a moment of awe, a moment rarely experienced. I liken it to the night I arrived in Lourdes standing at the Grotto at midnight. Years of waiting had brought me to this sacred and holy place. Yes, it was a moment of awe and quite honestly speechless belief and delight.


In your waiting, how do you persevere in prayer believing God always has a better plan?


Lord of wonder, mystery and delight, speak to us in our waiting. Help us persevere in prayer always believing that You have a better plan. Come Lord Jesus.


Copyright 2016 Catherine Schipper

Catherine Schipper is a wife of over 40 years who loves to read, write, travel and pray. (Sometimes praying about traveling!) She is a Speech Language Pathologist working with preschoolers, delighting in a child’s first words. The power of words is overwhelming especially to those who are unable to communicate.

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