Daily Gospel Reflection for December 22, 2016


Today’s Gospel: Luke 1, 46-56

Mary sees herself as a lowly handmaid. Right, Mary, lowly. Great, where does that put me?

I am all over the feeling of lowliness when I compare myself to Mary. In this Gospel, when she takes stock of herself, she proclaims the goodness of God, His mercy, strength and faithfulness to promises. Mary believes in God’s promises. Even in humility, feeling lowly, she is willing to bet her life on God’s ability to work through her. Never thought of her as a gambler.

In the Annunciation God asks and she says “yes”. She answered in faith with no guarantee of what that yes would mean. In the beginning, living that yes for meant for her: risk of condemnation in her community, a road trip while pregnant, and becoming a refugee with an infant. Much more followed, but her recognition that “The Mighty One has done great things for me” is her focus. She is really not much of a whiner. She is tuned into and trusting of God.

If I was in her shoes, If God asked something of me today I am afraid would I say “can’t hear you God, I’m looking at my phone,” “Wait, I have to get the kids,” “I just can’t do one more thing.” Not quite a solid “Yes.” Mary responds to her lowliness by praising God.


How will I praise God today should I begin to feel drained, burdened, discouraged or inadequate for the task?


Lord, who loves the lowly, I am grateful for your mercy, strength and sustenance. Give me the heart of Mary to see your hand in what I will do today. Help me to say yes.


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Chris & Elaine are married with six children. Partners in business, family and life, they work, play and hardly get away together. Excited to be new grandparents they have hit rewind on their parenting skills and are ready to go through it all again. Together they run ecommerce sites including CatholicFamilyGifts.com and write on Catholic family and faith at BringingTheFaithHome.com.

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  1. Biblically, the Lord tells us:”Judgment is mine.” It is not our decision to second guess God about our capabilities to serve him. This is why the Gospel so deliberately makes the contrast between erudite Zechariah and Mary. The former had all the acquired religious qualifications to accept the divine message of the Archangel Gabriel but didn’t. Mary, by contrast, had faith in God strong enough, which Zechariah hadn’t, to believe and accept the message of the Archangel. What is being implicitly revealed is with the coming of the Messiah personal faith in Him will replace the multiplicity of animal sacrifices required to adore and please God. Mary’s faith is our model for our imitation. Elizabeth,through the Holy Spirit, would reveal at the Visitation the divine acceptance of Mary’s faith in the conception and birth of Jesus.

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