Here I Am, Lord!

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I recently read the quote below by St. John Paul II:

“In your heart and on your lips God places three little words that are so important in the Bible: ‘Here I am.’ They were spoken by the Son of God when he came into the world and his whole life was a constant prompt response of ‘here I am” to his heavenly Father. ‘Here I am’ was the Virgin Mary’s response to the Angel of the Annunciation when she humbly accepted the mission to be Mother of Jesus and, hence, Mother of the Church. And ‘here I am’ must be our response too.” – St. John Paul II

As I reflect on St. John Paul II’s words at the start of this new year, I am compelled to renew my commitment to our Lord by making “Here I Am” my daily prayer and intention. Here I am, Lord. Trusting only You. Surrendering my plans in service of Your Divine Will.

My “Here I Am” in action might look like:

  • Consecrating myself to Him every morning, professing my willingness to accept all that He allows into my life that day. That means accepting the “feel-good” blessings as well as those blessings that come disguised as trials.
  • Inviting peace in my world by consciously choosing peaceful, compassionate thoughts and words towards others, especially towards those who reside at the same address as I do 😉 .
  • Praying for the grace to be more humble and more submissive in my marriage.
  • Praying for an open heart and an open mind to see myself and others more clearly.
  • Extending His mercy outward, especially to those in greatest need of experiencing Christ’s love and peace.

When I wholeheartedly offer my “here I am” – my prompt “Yes!” as Mary did – I am pulled into the miracle of that first Christmas. The events of the first Christmas didn’t happen just once, a long time ago. They happen again and again, each time we allow the truth of the incredible Incarnation to change our hearts a little more. That amazing moment when the God of the Universe came to meet me and you right here where we are!

Copyright 2017 De Yarrison


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De is a wife, mother, professional coach and women’s retreat facilitator. She is super excited about guiding women to discover the Truth of who they are – God’s chosen and beloved ones! Through her coaching practice and women’s ministry,, De guides women to live life led by the Holy Spirit, and to cultivate resilience, self-compassion, and an unwavering trust in our incredible God.

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