Daily Gospel Reflection for January 14, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Mark 2:13-17

In this passage we find Jesus being criticized by the Pharisees for spending time with sinners. His response, as always, is brilliant – “Those who are well have no need of a physician.”

Take that, Pharisees. I can just picture them standing there, smoldering in anger with no response.

Of course, coming from Jesus this is not a surprising answer – throughout scripture he spends time with sinners and those who are in most need of love and forgiveness. However, when we turn that wonderful, witty answer to our own lives it might become a little more uncomfortable.
How many “sick” people are in our lives? Are we caring for them?

Often we fill our lives with fellow believers who enrich and encourage our faith and are great role models for our children. This is wonderful, but we are also called to reach out to the poor and non-believers in our communities. Can you think of a better example for our children than helping those in need of God’s grace?

While there are many in our communities that need a healing touch, let’s not overlook the people we already know. Could there be people in our lives that may be “sick” and we don’t realize it? Believers who are doubting their faith? Friends who are hurting and searching for something more in their lives? Keeping with Jesus’ analogy: during the cold and flu season, sometimes it’s easy to spot who is sick and needs a physician, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes people are ill but have no outward symptoms.

God calls us to not only know, follow, and love Him but to care for others. So, look around and see who could use the healing touch of the Great Physician.


Where in your community can you make a difference? Who in your life may need your support?


Dear God, please show us who in our lives could use your healing love. Give us the wisdom to help them to heal.


Copyright 2017 Leslea Wahl

Leslea Wahl is a Colorado author who writes Catholic Young Adult novels. Her debut novel “The Perfect Blindside” won a 2016 First Place Catholic Press Association Book Award. She strives to encourage teens in their faith through her fun adventurous mysteries. Visit her website www.LesleaWahl.com for more information on her books.

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  1. Leslie thank you for a beautiful reflection today! Your ponder question reminds me that sometimes the people who are most in need of care and compassion are right under my roof. BUT, that doesn’t exempt me from seeing those most in need in my community and getting involved in finding ways to help them. Thank you for leading us in prayer today!

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