Giving Witness through Business

"Giving Witness Through Business" by Gina Felter (

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"Giving Witness through Business" by Gina Felter (

Courtesy of Hashtag Catholic Chic. Used with permission. (#CatholicChic) a subscription box with your Catholic faith at the heart of every box. Themed monthly boxes feature products created by women of faith that are sure to nurture your mind, body and soul. Owner Alyson Mull hopes to “reignite the Catholic faith” in women one box at a time.

What I enjoy about the box: It’s all about service to one another! Alyson invites her #CatholicChic community to mail in prayer requests for inclusion in monthly boxes. So while I enjoy the various inspiring products I also have a duty to pray for the intentions of another. All of a sudden my indulgent gift to self is a call to action. A call to prayer. I feel this request for prayer to be the answer to my resounding cry to develop a meaningful prayer life. I am not in short supply of those to pray for as I am sure this is true for many. However, this opportunity puts an exact request in front of me and I cannot dismiss it or put it off hoping someone else’s prayers will “cover” the need. This specific request has been entrusted to me and I will see it through. For me it’s my call to action and I get to indulge in a few perks along the way. The ambitions of Alyson are nurturing a life of prayer, service, and community and sure to reignite the faith of Catholic women.


"Giving Witness through Business" by Gina Felter ( is a monthly subscription box for the whole family! The box includes crafting supplies, weekly crafting instructions, discussion tips as well as a subscription to MagnifiKid! MagnifiKid is a weekly Mass and activity book specially designed for children.

What I like about this box: If you were at one of my talks this past year, you heard me mention this product! It made it to my top favs because it is all about creating opportunities for family faith sharing. Ashley and Raymond responded to a need within their own family and then generously developed it into filling a need for your family too. Keeping in mind the busy lives of families, founders Ashley and Raymond at tailored their box to be conducive with family life of today. They even make weekly videos to go along with the craft and gospel message for on-the-go teachable moments. Enriching the domestic church has never been more manageable. Simplicity and fun packed into one convenient box.

"Giving Witness through Business" by Gina Felter (

Courtesy of The Mass Box. Used with permission.

FUN: Home made all natural skin-care products with engaging and encouraging girls at the heart of their mission. Stacia, co-founder of Handcrafted HoneyBee, is a Catholic mom of two boys that runs her business out of her home alongside her husband. Their combined experience and knowledge is noted in their high quality products, but the heart of this dynamic duo is realized in their commitment to making learning fun!

What I enjoy about this company: This company appeals to my desire to never stop learning. I consider myself a “cautiously creative” person. By that I mean I survey the risks involved prior to jumping in. I want some assurance of success before investing my time. With that being said, my first purchase with this company was a sample kit of premade products. I played it safe in my introduction to natural skin care products. Baby steps. It was just the boost in confidence I needed to go on and make my own lip balm, soap, and deodorant. And while I have tried my hand-making these things I’ve gotta say that there is a definite exactness needed to create a consistent product. I don’t have the patience for that. My deodorant has come out too oily or even gritty. My last lip balm goes on white and then melts into a clear glossy shine. It feels nice, but not the smooth gloss I was looking for. Taking a reprieve from my creations, I enjoy the consistent quality products of Handcrafted HoneyBee. My favorite product is their probiotic deodorant. My new favorite scent is coconut mango. Looking to indulge my creative side, I have had a secret longing to try my hand at their groovy lamp lip gloss kit. It’s lip gloss that has all the vibe of a groovy lava lamp. Yup, I want it!

Whether you are looking for creative ways to integrate the weekly gospel message into the life of your family, seeking to encourage a young girl’s creative side or desire to reignite your own catholic faith the folks behind these companies are fulfilling the call to “Be servants of communion and of the culture of encounter!” (Pope Francis Homily, World Youth Day, July 27, 2013).

We are charged with evangelizing by the rite of baptism and these companies are witness to a sampling of what form evangelization can take. What form does evangelizing take in your life?

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