Daily Gospel Reflection for February 7, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Mark 7:1-13

“How well you have set aside the commandment of God in order to uphold your tradition!”

Traditions are so important. I was raised with traditions. Fish dinner on Christmas Eve. Large family dinners Sunday afternoon. Presents for Christmas and birthdays. Traditions are good. In many ways, they are what bind family together.

So I would like to say that every time we sat down together, we did so as a loving, kind family who treated each other well. I would like to say that when I prepare my 99999th chicken dinner for my family, that I do so with a loving heart. And I would truly feel happy with myself, if I could say every gift given for a Christmas or a birthday came with no strings attached, no hidden motives, no subtext built upon years of envy and resentment.

What a liar I would be, for I am guilty of sabotaging traditions for outward appearances. I wanted the appearance of love and not love itself. True love involves sacrifice. Appearing to love is so much easier and it involves no hardship and much praise. God is love and I have most certainly sinned against God.

I am going with tradition. I will keep doing the birthdays and dinners. But I will work on my interior life so as never to set aside the commandment of God.


How do you truly keep God’s commandment in mind at all times?


Lord, help me always keep your commandment in everything I do.


Copyright 2017 Mari Lamb

Mari is happy to report her interior life had improved drastically since she invited in the Holy Spirit. Her husband and two kids appreciate her effort in this matter, as they are the direct beneficiaries!

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