What Kind of Girl Power is the “Right” Kind?

"What Kind of Girl Power is the “Right” Kind?" by Stephanie Stovall (CatholicMom.com)

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Back in the day I was a proud atheist and loved considering myself a strong feminist.

I loved the idea of the power of a woman changing the world.

I wasn’t going to have kids (they just get in the way of things) and I was going to be feeding my adventurous soul while making myself known as an unstoppable woman.

I was NOT going to be making made from scratch dinner and tending to the needs of a man. Nope. Marriage was in the plan- just not to someone that wanted to keep me in the house all the live long day.




Fast forward to my now reality.

I have four kids and another on the way.

My most very favorite part of every day is when my husband walks through the door after a day at work. I love that he walks up to me at the sink (where I usually am at this time of day- working on getting dinner ready and washing the dishes) gives me a kiss and I snuggle into his warm embrace.

I have had a long day of laundry, cleaning and losing the battle of trying to not yell at the kids.

I have put in some time doing my volunteer jobs at our parish.

I have spent my time talking with God during a successful naptime.


Girl Power? No.

This is the Power of a Woman of God.


These days the label of what being a “feminist” is has taken all kinds of twists and turns. One day it means this, the other day it means that.

I guess it’s kind of like how I have been about that whole idea myself.

My thought of true and powerful feminism has twisted and turned…and flourished into something beautiful.

Something way more beautiful than I had ever thought before.

My idea of a strong woman is what the Catholic church…a church “run by men” has told us is the greatest woman of all (and second greatest human of all), Our Holy Mary.

Talk about power to change the world.


Do I still consider myself a feminist? Heck yeah, I do!

Maybe it’s not what the secular world considers a feminist- but I, by the grace of God, see the world differently.


I believe that our job of  being a mom is crazy powerful.

I believe that creating a home to the best of our ability for our families is a world-changing action.

I believe that when we stand up for what the church believes in- Truth, love, understanding of one another and that little life in a womb- we are the most unstoppable kind of woman this place has ever seen.

So yes, world, I am woman hear me roar . . . but when that roar has been fired up by the Holy Spirit . . . we gonna move some mountains, ladies!

High five.


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