Daily Gospel Reflection for February 18, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Mark 9:2-13

Today we see Jesus transfiguring Himself before some of His apostles, on the top of Mount Tabor, showing His glory as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. This moment was so amazing that Peter suggested they shouldn’t leave that place. He wanted to stay there with the glorified Jesus forever.

In our lives, we sometimes have this kind of “Tabor Moments”, where we can feel God’s presence and love for us, and we don’t want to leave; we don’t want the experience to end. It can be at the birth of a child, a visit to the Tabernacle, receiving Holy Communion, a smile, a phone call, a wonderful heart-to-heart talk with your spouse.

God permits these glimpses of Paradise in our lives so we can recharge our batteries and feel restored to keep on moving, keep on with our work, walking in the path that will lead us to Him, where we will be able to stay in his glory forever.

We need to keep in mind that Heaven is our goal, then everything we do here on Earth should help us get nearer that goal. We should also help everyone around us to get there too. And if we feel tired or discouraged, we should nourish our souls from the memories of the Tabor Moments we have already had.

God loves us so much! He knows exactly what we need, and when we need it, so during times of trouble, sooner or later another Tabor Moment might come our way.


Have I realized how many Tabor Moments I’ve already had in my life? Do I often get energy from those memories to help me get through hard times?


Holy Spirit, please help me feel the love of God in every moment of my life, even in the hard ones. Help me recognize all the Tabor Moments in my journey and keep them fresh in my memory, so they can help me when things get difficult.


Copyright 2017 Flávia Ghelardi

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Flávia Ghelardi is the mom of four, a former lawyer already "promoted" to full time mom. Flávia published her first book FORTALECENDO SUA FAMÍLIA and is a member of Schoenstatt´s Apostolic Movement. Flávia loves to speak about motherhood and the important role of women, as desired by God, for our society. She blogs at www.fortalecendosuafamilia.blogspot.com.


    • Thank you Lisa! I´ve learnt recentely from St. Ignatius of Loyola that from time to time we should write down all the good moments of our lives, when God reached to us and showed us his Love in a special way. St. Ignatius called this “teography”, the writting of God in our lives. I´ve done it and it is wonderful!

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