Daily Gospel Reflection for March 6, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 25:31-46

One of the privileges I’m bestowed in my parish is to bring Eucharist to the home-bound. As an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, I’m blessed to not only share Jesus but also be the visible Church to those no longer able to attend Mass. This gift has come with opportunities for immense joy as well as some deep regrets. As someone who battles anxiety, this calling of service can be difficult, especially when called to unfamiliar or particularly bereaved situation.

Shortly into my commission, my pastor asked me to visit a gentleman who was in his final days. My anxiety over visiting a dying man in an unfamiliar setting immediately kicked in and I made a million excuses why I couldn’t visit that day but would go tomorrow. Unfortunately during the evening the man passed away. While I did have some peace that Father had already visited, anointed and had given him Communion. I had great regret that I had missed the opportunity to bring him not only additional strength for his journey in the Eucharist but also a reminder of the Church behind him with their prayers and support.

God was offering me this great gift to be the light of Christ to the family during this difficult time and I had allowed my fears to dissuade me from going where he called. I wasn’t strong enough to go and pray with him, and bring Jesus to him. I allowed my anxieties to dictate my behavior; instead of relying on God’s infinite grace.

It is these moments I wonder where Jesus would separate me at that final judgment? It is then I realize it is not just what I have done but also what I have failed to do; and recognizing when I have been a stubborn goat.


Today let us focus not only on those things we do but also on those we fail to do.


Jesus, I pray that your greeting to me at my judgment includes the blessing of being a good and faithful servant. Help me to reach beyond my fears and anxieties, when necessary, to fulfill your holy will.


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  1. Mozelle Yawn on

    I feel your pain. My prayer after I read today’s Gospel was to help me to not be too shy or embarrassed to do what I should. Those comfort zones of ours don’t lend easily to God’s wishes.

    • Mozelle, I agree with you mostly although I can’t help but think God never asks the impossible of us. Love doesn’t set you up to fail. Your prayer is a powerful one – because it shows such trust . Impossible doesn’t mean easy lol. Thanks for sharing your thought today!

  2. I know we pray for forgiveness at the beginning of Mass for “the good that I’ve failed to do.” This gave me pause this morning – reminding me we need to also take into account the good we fail to do, and remember those when preparing for Confession. To truly make an examination of conscience, I truly think we are called to be a little uncomfortable, and acknowledging what we “fail to do,” will definitely do that!

    Thankfully, with that knowledge, we can hopefully do better next time!

    • Yup. I always thought I was in the good when I’d not done anything bad for a day ; but lo and behold God is always calling us to be more than not bad!! thanks Anni for sharing your insights!

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