Daily Gospel Reflection for March 9, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 7:7-12

“How do we ask for things?” I reminded my 4-year old daughter for the umpteenth time that day.

“Mommy may I please go in the backyard?” she asked.

“Well, I’m making dinner, so you will have to ask Daddy to go out with you,” I explained, “and he can say yes or he can say no, but the choice is his, not yours and you have to be OK with either answer, all right?”

This conversation is typical in our house with a 5-year old, 4-year old and 2-year old. As I read today’s Gospel, I was struck at how easily one could take it as a magic formula: I ask God for something and He gives it to me. Except we know that God and prayer don’t work that way.

Prayer is a conversation with God and prayers of petition are certainly an important part of the conversation. However, our prayer conversation is incomplete if we only utilize this single form. The other forms of prayer – thanksgiving, intercession, praise and adoration – along with petition work together to develop our relationship with God. It is important to realize the other 4 forms of prayer encourage us to grow in our understanding of our true needs and how we ask for them to be fulfilled.

We give thanks for what we have been given, rather than focusing on what we do not have. We intercede for others, recognizing that their needs are just as important as our own. We offer praise to God for His goodness and mercy. We adore God, acknowledging our complete reliance on our Creator. In this light, our true prayers of petition are found. And most importantly, we learn how to accept the will of our Father as the fullest answer to our prayers.


What is one prayer form you would like to grow in this week that will help you petition God in a deeper, more meaningful way?


Dear Jesus, thank you for the gift of prayer and thank you for modeling the ultimate prayer of petition in the garden before your Passion. Please open my heart so that I can learn to ask for God’s will to be done in all things.


Copyright 2017 Kate Taliaferro

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Kate Taliaferro is an Air Force wife and mom of 4. She has a Masters in Religious Education and tries to find God's presence in all parts of her day, be it cooking, cleaning or just the everyday ordinary. She enjoys homeschooling, stitching crafts and finding cheerios between the couch cushions. She blogs at Daily Graces.


  1. You lit up a light bulb in my brain this morning. I’ve been feeling like I should be helping people in need more but don’t see a clear path on what I should do. I can pray on their behalf!! Such a simple thought that you clarified for me this morning. Thank you.

    • Hi Mozelle! I’m so glad that this reflection on prayer to be an answer to prayer. Personally, sometimes I get caught up in all the ways I can’t help someone for whatever reason and I forget what i can do, no matter what – pray! Prayer is an action, and It is always helpful.
      Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

  2. What a great reminder, Katie! I love your context setting for this lesson. It’s way too easy for me to identify with my inner two year old in my prayer relationship with God! Offering a prayer of thanksgiving for YOU today!

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, my inner 2 yr old is alive and well also 🙂 some days I think God is speaking to me through the corrections I am giving my children – say please and thank you, don’t interrupt, dont be boastful, please slow down. Etc. Thank YOU for the opportunity to share this reflection

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