Free engaging video experience empowers today’s family to be, do, and have more


Today’s families are busier than ever with work, school, extracurricular activities, and other obligations. According to the US Census Bureau, more than 60% of married couples with school-aged children both work full-time outside of the home, and 57% of their children are involved in at least one extracurricular activity. It’s easy to see how these packed schedules leave everyone feeling that there’s more to do in a day than could ever be done.

Founded on the legacy of Zig Ziglar, The 7-Day Family Challenge is designed to help families be, do, and have more. Mark Timm, CEO of Ziglar Family, has teamed up with 7 renowned voices in 7 key areas of family life in this first rendition of the Challenge to empower families to experience a week of “wins.”

“Today’s family faces tremendous challenges,” said Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc. and son of Zig Ziglar. “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But like Dad always said, families are designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.” The 7-Day Family Challenge is free and open to all who want something more for their families.

The Challenge kicks off on Monday, March 27, and features 7 brief videos designed for busy families and delivered daily via email. The 7 areas of family life are based on The Ziglar Wheel of Family Life, adapted from the Wheel of Life that Zig Ziglar used for more than four decades to help more than 250 million people grow. Each video offers daily wisdom and an exclusive challenge from experts in 7 key areas of family life: Relationships, Work-Life Integration, Financial, Physical, Communication, Spiritual, and Community.

“It’s a tremendous privilege to partner with this panel of experts for the initial 7-Day Family Challenge,” said Mark Timm, CEO of Ziglar Family. “We’re excited to help these experts deliver practical help so today’s families can feel empowered to be, do, and have more. We want them to experience a more balanced life instead of one that leaves them feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. There is hope for today’s family and it’s our honor to help build a community that empowers families to thrive.”

"Free engaging video experience empowers today’s family to be, do, and have more" (

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The panel of experts includes names already familiar to many families:

• Dave Ramsey. America’s trusted voice on money and business, personal moneymanagement expert and popular national radio personality, Dave Ramsey shares his #1 most important financial habit for families with free tools they can start using right away.

• Dr. Gary Chapman. His book The Five Love Languages has sold over 10 million copies in English alone. He’ll explore how understanding each of the Five Love Languages can help families connect more deeply with one another and challenge them to take the next step toward becoming a more caring family.

• Michael and Gail Hyatt. Social media expert, President and founder of Platform University, Michael Hyatt is joined by his wife and mother of their five daughters, Gail. The couple addresses the topic of communication in families by taking a look at the importance of family mealtime—and shares a great way to make that daily connection really count.

• Dr. Josh Axe is a doctor of natural medicine who operates one of the top 10 most visited natural health websites in the world with 6 million monthly visitors. Dr. Axe shares his top three easy steps for families to make significant changes in their overall health and well-being.

• Brian Buffini. One of the nation’s top realtors and founder of Buffini & Company, Brian Buffini has trained three million business professionals in 37 countries. He is a dynamic, motivational speaker who travels the world sharing a message of encouragement about how to “live the good life.”

• Tony Dungy. Best-selling author of Quiet Strength and Uncommon, Tony is well-known for his football career as both a player and a Super Bowl-winning coach. Tony focuses on maintaining a strong family relationship with his wife and 10 children while serving as an analyst for NBC Sports and helping strengthen families.

• Zig Ziglar’s own children, Tom, Cindy, and Julie. Zig’s children come together in an exclusive session to share the core advice from their father on spiritual matters. Together they continue Mr. Ziglar’s legacy through their work with Ziglar, Inc.

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