Book Review: A Catholic Guide to Dating after Divorce



I wish that Lisa Duffy’s book, The Catholic Guide to Dating after Divorce, was available to me when I went through my divorce thirty years ago. It will now be my go-to when others ask my advice on this subject. I could identify completely with the heartache and lessons she unfolds in the first few chapters and recognize the wisdom and truth that she lays out in subsequent chapters.

Lisa looks honestly at the scars divorce may leave and how to successfully grow past them into a healthy person who can face dating again. She helps the reader assess if they are ready to get back into the exciting world of new relationships. She shares her research, stories of others and her own experience in a gentle, but direct guide to dating without losing yourself in the process.


Lisa Duffy carefully examines five qualities that are found in a truly attractive person. By implementing checklists and quizzes she helps the reader ask themselves if they possess these qualities and if their prospective dates have these qualities as well.

In her continued mission to aid others in the process of divorce recovery, she will be presenting at the Journey of Hope Conference this August in Charleston, SC. At this conference participants will be inspired to grow in faith and healing as a Catholic who has experienced the pain of divorce. Other presenters include: Rose Sweet, Father Thomas Loya, Father Jeffrey Kirby and more.

If you enjoy Lisa’s book on dating, make sure to check out her book, A Road to Healing, Daily Reflections for Divorced Catholics.

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