Daily Gospel Reflection for March 31, 2017


Today’s Gospel: John 7:1-2, 10, 25-30

Jesus our Lord and Savior’s hour had not yet come. Jesus knew when his time would arrive. When Jesus’ time arrived, He willingly submitted Himself to those that crucified Him. Since His hour had not yet come, Jesus healed many of their spiritual and physical ailments. He shared the good news with whomever would listen to His message of love, mercy, and forgiveness. He accomplished much because Jesus embraced the will of His Father perfectly. He walked in peace.

In my own life it is difficult at times to wait upon the Lord for His perfect timing. I can see what needs to happen, so I forge ahead without seeking God’s direction and wisdom. I usually end up stressed, exhausted, and disappointed that my plans didn’t unfold as I thought they would in my time schedule.

Finally, I end up running to Jesus, pleading and screaming – help me please, I’ve made a mess of things! Jesus whispers softly, “Trust in me. Surrender everything to me. I will take care of it.” Jesus picks me up, cleans me up and encourages me to continue on the path of wisdom and righteousness.

I am learning slowly to listen for His direction. When I do, things turn out so much better and I am at peace.


Do I spend time each day listening to what the Lord would have me do this day?


Lord Jesus, help me to surrender my plans and agenda to You this day and trust in Your perfect timing. Today, I choose to seek Your wisdom and direction.


Copyright 2017 Connie Beckman

Connie Beckman resides in Helena, Montana with her husband. She is a member of the Cathedral of St Helena Parish, and the Catholic Writer’s Guild. She is a former feature story writer for a bi-weekly newspaper and has been published in many Catholic magazines. Connie shares her joy and love of God at her website.

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