Daily Gospel Reflection for April 1, 2017


Today’s Gospel: John 7:40-53

“Never before has anyone spoken like this one.” This beautiful and unexpected response sprang from the lips of the very guards sent to arrest Jesus while He was speaking to the crowds. The lawmakers and Pharisees, frustrated and angry that they returned without Jesus in tow, resorted to mockery and sarcasm against those believing in Jesus. They viewed them as ignorant, despicable know-nothings who had zero knowledge of the law.

Just what were these words that elicited such a soul-baring response? These words that captivated and convinced some listeners to believe Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah while others contested His credentials? Was it the way He spoke, with authority and sincerity, or perhaps, that His words were accompanied by a penetrating glance directed toward each person making them feel He was speaking intimately to them? Imagine you are there, amidst the debating crowd, listening intently to Jesus, the sound of His voice reaching your ears.

Surely, there was power in His words, but simply hearing wasn’t enough. The Pharisees lacked open, receptive hearts and the willingness to believe. They possessed closed minds filled with pride and arrogance, leaving no room for humility.

Jesus continues to talk to us through the Scriptures. Have His words ever touched you so profoundly that your heart, too, has cried out “Never before has anyone spoken like this one”?


When you read and meditate on God’s word in Scripture, have you ever been so inspired and awestruck that you yearned to be there in Jesus’ presence experiencing His words in person?


Dear Holy Spirit, it is with a humble and contrite heart that I ask You for the grace to truly hear the words Jesus speaks to me, and the willingness to accept all that happens in my life as God’s will and designed for my welfare.


Copyright 2017 Rita Rawson

I am a retired elementary teacher, married, grandmother of five, and currently involved in becoming an Augustinian Oblate. I also participate in a prayer group and facilitate a Bible study.

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