Lent is time for re-evaluation

"Lent: a time for re-evaluation" by Ebeth (CatholicMom.com)

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Each year Lent comes; often we are unprepared to face this time of reflection and re-evaluation. Unlike the sun,  moon, planets, and stars which follow a set rhythm of existence, the human soul has the freedom of a will. Each and every morning the sun rises the same way, in the same direction and even though the colors may differ, still there is a certain rhyme and rhythm. Each night the moon is where it is supposed to be; full, waxing or waning . . . it does what its rhythm dictates. There is no wrong, nothing to think about, only the right and perfect way for these God-made things to act. Now for the human nature, this is very different since life choices are purely a human freedom.

Lent is a time for re-evaluation.

Man has a higher priority set before him/her that does not match anything else God created. It is in this existence that responsibility and Love play key roles. No other element or entity has the gift of free will that causes life or death to the soul. No other element or entity has a soul. So there you have it, the need for love and responsibility. Like no other entity in God’s creation, man has the freedom of living or dying in sin. By making choices according to God’s laws, the natural law of creation built with the main ingredient of love, man chooses to go his way, or God’s way. This is a responsibility that is not really free, making good choices, following rules and laws, making sacrifices makes life challenging at times.


There is no better time to reflect on our choices than during Lent. This is a time made for us to sit back and take a look at his/her life and the choices made. These choices reflect the desire whether to be good or not, whether God is important or self more important, whether life is the goal or self satisfaction existence the goal, or whether love and responsibility is primary rather than selfishness. A clear-cut inventory of these choices and their outcome help see where changes need to be made.

Lent is also the time when prayer life can be revisited too.  Prayer and the relationship with God is so imperative to making good choices. Through prayer, which simply put, is reaching out and communicating with God, true belief and love grows. Love and prayer grow stronger and the relationship with God strengthens. Strengthening the relationship with God enables one to make good choices.

It is never too late to re-evaluate the life choices that are being made.

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