Daily Gospel Reflection for April 9, 2017 - Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 26:14—27:66 – Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

When we read the passion of Christ, year after year, many of us find it hard to understand the pain and agony that Jesus went through for us. As we participate in the Stations of the Cross each Friday during Lent we try to place ourselves at Jesus’ side. We watch at a distance as He is crowned with thorns, mocked, and spit upon. We walk with Him on the road to Calvary all the way to the cross where He takes His last breath. We feel as if we are there.

As women, one station seems to grip our heart more than the others. Jesus encounters His mother. It is a Station we can relate to; after all, we are mothers. Watching a child suffer is one of the hardest crosses a mother may face in this earthly life. The weight of the cross is unbearable. Sometimes we feel all alone. Many were there crying, “Hosanna,” on Palm Sunday, but so few were there at the foot of the Cross! Like Jesus, in our desperation we cry out to the Father! Do you think Mary felt the same?

As I mentor women, I am often found at the foot of the Cross, encouraging, guiding and supporting and most importantly interceding for those young mothers who are facing a trial in their lives. I know just what to do because I had a mentor stand with me too. When Zachary Luke John, our eighth baby, died at two hours old, my mentor was there for me. My older woman met with me once a week with a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, giving sound advice and encouragement. She was the hands of Christ, as she stood at the Cross with me to share in my suffering. The love of Christ she demonstrated got me over the rough road of suffering. Now I walk in her footsteps when God calls me to stand at the foot of the Cross with others.


Were you there when their child was hospitalized, their baby died or their husband lost his job? Were you there when your husband, child, sibling, parent or friend was given a cross too heavy to bear alone? Who is God calling you stand at the foot of the cross with?


Dear Jesus, may I never be too busy to stop and stand at the foot of the Cross with someone whose cross is too heavy to bear alone. Let me encourage, guide, support and pray until their burden has become light enough to carry on their own.


Copyright 2017 Ellen Mongan

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