Daily Gospel Reflection for April 12, 2017


Today’s Gospel: John 6:30-35

The Wednesday of Holy Week is traditionally called “Spy Wednesday”, as it refers to the day that Judas betrays Jesus to the Sanhedrin, which is the Gospel reading for today. Reading this story, I always try to convince myself that I would never have betrayed Jesus. I would have been John at the Last Supper, certainly not Judas.

“Surely it is not I, Rabbi?”

It is easy to see Judas as evil and to regard myself, a practicing Catholic, as holier. But, I have betrayed Jesus, as each and every one of us have. We do it every time we chose to turn away from Him and turn into our sin. We betray Jesus when we react with anger towards our husband and children, and when we make judgments against our neighbors, or gossip about our co-workers. The price of thirty pieces of silver is fairly cheap – it is referred to in the Old Testament as a slave’s price. Haven’t I betrayed Jesus for even less? I have betrayed him for comfort and convenience.

And yet, just as he did with Judas, He invites me to dine with Him at His table. He calls me close despite my betrayal. He knows my sin, but He also knows my heart. He offers Himself for me and for you and at every Mass we are able to receive Him. That, sisters, is love. Real, self-sacrificing, life-giving love.


For what price have you betrayed Jesus?


Father, in your Mercy, forgive me for the times my actions have betrayed your Son.


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  1. Amanda, what a beautiful thought – despite our sinfulness, Jesus invites us to His table, where we are presented with a reminder of the cost of our sin and His great live of us.
    I challenge the youth I work with to never leave Mass early. “You know who the first person to ever leave Mass early was, right?!” I ask them.

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