Daily Gospel Reflection for April 18, 2017


Today’s Gospel: John 20:11-18

John’s account of Mary Magdalene at the tomb conveys what great love she had for Jesus. She was distraught at not knowing where her Lord’s body was, and she wanted to do whatever she could to get Him back. She had been one of the few to stay by His side at the cross, and only she and a couple of other women came back to his grave to anoint Christ’s body. She loved Jesus. He had saved her life, delivering her from seven demons (Mark 16:9); and He had given His life for her. After all that Christ had done for her, I imagine that she could not have responded in any other way. She stayed close to Him. She sought Him out. She gave what she had to serve Him.

I desire to follow Mary’s example of loving Jesus. Christ has done no less for me than He has for Mary. How can I respond with less? Sadly, I often do. Many times I don’t stay close to Him. I often don’t seek Him out when I find myself far from Him. And there have certainly been times that I have failed to give what I have to His service. In these moments, I fail to love Jesus. But when I consider Mary’s love, my love for Christ is inspired to action. I want to stay close to Him, through joy or sorrow. I want to seek Him persistently. And I want to serve Him with all that I have.


Do my actions demonstrate a great love of Jesus?


Dear Jesus, forgive me for the ways I have failed to love you. Holy Spirit, perfect my love for Christ in the daily actions of my life.


Copyright 2017 Jessica Ptomey

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