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"Discerning God" by Jen Steed (

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Discerning God

Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.
Saint Catherine of Siena

Have you ever seen a horse with blinders attached to his harness? Those are the little flaps of leather that keep a horse from seeing what is behind him. You frequently see them on race horses or other horses that are easily distracted. When the blinders are in place, the horse is better able to focus on what he is supposed to be doing.

Some mental blinders would be great, wouldn’t they? God has made you (and your family) unique. There has not and will not be anyone exactly like you. Yet we are all made in God’s image, and God has put you on earth to love him and serve him.

How are we supposed to know how to serve him? We have to put on blinders of our own, in some ways, continuing to look forward to what you’re supposed to be doing and not to the past, to what you’ve done (wrong or otherwise). Talk to God. Listen for a response. Pray that you do his will. Finally, check the fruits of your decision—are your words, deeds, and actions having a good response?

Dear Lord, thank you for the blessings you have provided in my life. Please reveal your will for my life and give me the courage to follow your calling. Show your divine will to all those who seek it and help those who do not know your name but heed your call anyway.

To Ponder: Do you feel stressed, harried, or out of sorts with life? The yoke is easy and the burden is light when you are doing God’s will. If you are not finding joy in your life, perhaps it is time for some change. Look up some resources or articles on Ignatian spirituality and discernment to guide you.



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  1. I’ve been enjoying this gift of daily reflections. As I turned the page to discover the theme for this month I laughed out loud. “Calm in the chaos” the gentle sounds of waves crashing and birds dive bombing my head seized my mind.

    I missed yesterdays reflection and was only getting to it today. Yesterday was a whirlwind.

    Sticking to the devotional will guide me to the calm I desperately seek.

    Just funny to come across this theme as I feel the chaos arising within me.

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