Daily Gospel Reflection for April 30, 2017 - Third Sunday of Easter


Today’s Gospel: Luke 24:13-35 – Third Sunday of Easter

The little girl asked, “Was that Jesus?” as they passed the old woman limping as she pushed her grocery cart. The old lady had asked, “Help me?” Her mother shook her head.

They passed the smelly old man who lived under the bridge. He had no teeth, but he smiled as they rushed past him. “Was that Jesus?” the child asked. “Of course not. He just wanted some money.” She pulled her child close and held her tightly. She wanted to go home and get away from this neighborhood.

When they got home, the child walked to the crucifix on her bedroom wall. “Is that Jesus?” Her mother said “Yes.” The child stared at the crucifix.

“He hurt, too,” said the little girl.

“What?” answered her mom.

“Those people, Mom. They hurt like Jesus. I saw Him in their faces.”

“Sweetheart, it was just your imagination. He wasn’t there, and they weren’t Jesus. I’m sorry, honey. This is real life. Jesus isn’t those people.”

That night her mother looked out to the dimly lit street. The old man walked past carrying a cross on his shoulders. Was that Jesus? I think I’m hallucinating. She drew the shades and went to sleep.


Can you see Jesus in other people? Is your heart open enough to see Him?


Jesus, please open my eyes that I might see you in everyone I meet. Make me like a child to please You.


Copyright 2017 Mallory Hoffman

I am a cradle Catholic, and, in spite of my rebellious youth, I am back within the embrace of the Church. Someone, somewhere, prayed for me. I am a widow and mother of two grown children. In my free time, I write, make lampwork glass beads, and am learning to sculpt with polymer clay. I am blessed. God is good.

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