My Heart Aches . . . A Poem for Our Babies, Here and Afar

"My Heart Aches" by Stephanie Stovall (

Via (2007), CC0 Public Domain

Your little bitty fingers, your nails so thin

Your eyebrows barely there

And your ears, oh that hair.


My heart aches for you now

And it ached for you then

When your feet sweetly kicked,

A reminder you were well.

A Mom at first faint line

My baby you were as my palm touched your home

Nine months to go,

And the worry begins.


My heart aches for you now

And it ached for you then

Each heartbeat strong proof that our Father’s within.

How long I will keep you, I’ll just never know

Thirty-five minutes, fifty years or more?

You and I were made, one for the other

Our bond deep within

My sweet baby, I love you

More than you or anyone will ever know.


My heart aches for you now

And it ached for you then

When I kept you so close,

Can it always stay the same?


But I know it isn’t so,

Sooner or later

I must let you go.


My heart aches for that moment now

And it ached for it then.

Because from that first faint line,

All my love, my soul, was yours.

It was part of the plan.


My baby you are and my baby you’ll be

Whether here, near or Far,

I’ll keep you forever,

Forever with me.


(For Christian, Clemintine & Joseph)


Copyright Stephanie Stovall 2017


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Stephanie Stovall loves Oklahoma State University and hanging out with her husband. She keeps Holy Mary busy praying for patience with her five little boys. Stephanie loves God, Catholicism and evangelizing with all her heart! You can find more of her messy thoughts over on


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