Praying the Rosary on the Road

"Praying the Rosary on the Road" by Tiffany Walsh (

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May is the month of Mary, and it’s a month that traditionally I think more about praying the rosary. The women’s ministry in my parish prays the rosary before each Mass during May, and it always nudges me to realize that I should pray the rosary more frequently than I actually do. Indeed, therein lies the rub – I like to pray the rosary with other people. And that opportunity does not always present itself.

Growing up, the thought of making my way through an entire rosary was an overwhelming task. One decade at a time, please! When I tagged along with my mother to a Marian-centered prayer group, I saw that they prayed multiple rosaries per meeting. The group would space out the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries over the course of the evening, and everyone took turns reading the mysteries and leading the prayers. Although it was still difficult for me to sit still for that long, I found that I could actually make it. There was something about praying in community that really appealed to me.

Now, my opportunities for praying the rosary in community are much more limited. Occasionally my children will oblige me, but usually when I suggest it a lot of whining ensues, because they, like their distracted mother before them, believe it is difficult to stay still for an entire rosary. I do like to pop in a recording of other communities praying the rosary while I am in my car, and I will pray along with them. These days, that’s as close to praying in community as I can get. But hey – it’s with the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist! I consider that a win!

"Praying the Rosary on the Road" by Tiffany Walsh (

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Sometimes I pray the rosary in the car even without the recording of the Sisters, or while I’m walking. There is something about having scenery moving around me that quiets my spirit and helps me to focus on my prayers. But I have to admit that I never sit down, pull out my rosary, and pray while being still. I suppose this says something about my lack of discipline, but there you have it.

Lately I have been hankering to pray the rosary more often. Perhaps it would help to go back to my childhood habit of praying a single decade, and praying it while sitting still, really focusing on the mysteries and the words of the prayers. This May, that is my goal. I want to be present more with my Mother. She deserves my best effort. I am certain that I will still pray in the car, and that is a good thing too. I have developed a good habit there, and good habits are worth fostering!

I own many beautiful rosaries, and keep them scattered throughout my day (desk, car, bedside, coffee table) to inspire prayer when the right moment comes. This month, I aim to take them in hand more frequently and set my mind to the life of Our Lord and His Mother.

What are your prayer goals this May? Where do you like to pray the rosary? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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  1. I LOVE praying the rosary while walking. If I am in the right mood I can sit still and pray a whole one. Most of the time, I’ll go take a walk just so I will pray all 5 decades. At school, I also liked to go pray at the chapel.
    It is also much easier for me to pray the rosary in community – I think that’s why it is easier for me to keep up with it when we make a goal to do it each day of the work week, or in a 54 day rosary novena with friends. The first 2 years of college I would get together with a group and pray the rosary almost every week day. That was definitely the time in my life that I was praying it most consistently.

    • Hi Sam! I like to pray while I walk too. And I could always listen to my rosary recordings then too. 😉 I agree with you about the “community in spirit” angle. Even if we’re not actually praying at the exact same time, knowing that friends are praying the rosary that day too really helps my mind to focus and feel that togetherness vibe of community prayer. I just love that!

  2. We do “car rosary” as a family whenever we begin or end a long distance trip, and some shorter distance trips. Everyone has his/her own car rosary to keep just this purpose (as opposed to the ones each family member keeps at their bedside for their individual nighttime rosaries). The driver only has to respond. the passengers have to lead.

    • I love this Jeanie! We have a family road trip coming up over Memorial Day weekend. Maybe I can talk the kids into it as a way to pass the time. 😉

  3. Linda Guokas on

    Thanks for your reflection. I also felt called to pray the rosary more this month, and in the future, to continue to pray it daily. Stashing rosaries around the house and where I like to sit reminds me. I like to pray in the car too – I use my fingers on the steering wheel to count out each bead. It’s been a very moving experience to pray with Mary every day. We have to set the example for our children and invite them, once in a while, to join us. Ave Maria!

    • Hi Linda! Thanks for your thoughts! Keeping rosaries stashed around the house is a great motivator to pray, and you never know when you’ll be inspired!

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