Honoring Mary in the month of May


Long before my conversion, honoring Mary in the month of May wasn’t a problem. We lived near a Catholic parish and attending May Crowning was something all the neighbors did.

After my conversion as an adult, I sought out Our Blessed Mother in the form of a Miraculous Medal. That medal opened my heart to a new mother, a mother I sorely needed.

"Honoring Mary in the month of May" by Pam Spano (CatholicMom.com)

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The process of honoring Mary in the month of May (and year round) started for me with that first Miraculous Medal. I learned the prayers of the rosary and read books to get insights into who this woman was. You see, the world was telling me that Catholics “worshipped Mary” and that Catholics are oppressive to women. As a new convert, I wondered what I was getting myself into!

As the years went by, I learned about the intercession of the saints but I always returned to Mary or added her to the list of saints I was petitioning. In the years that I took care of my own mother, Mary’s presence was never stronger then in that situation. I would have turned my back on my own mother had it not been for Mary.

Raising our children had me praying to Mary many times over and even though they are adults now, I still turn to her to guide me to help them and for her to keep them close.

When I am stressed (dental appointments, while I was working, or any situation), I immediately start a Hail Mary. I tell people that I Hail Mary my way through everything!

For me, honoring Mary in the month of May (or year ’round) has come easy for me.

"Honoring Mary in the month of May" by Pam Spano (CatholicMom.com)

Copyright 2017 Pam Spano. All rights reserved.

How will you honor Mary not only in the month of May, but all year ’round?

Copyright 2017 Pam Spano


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Pam Spano converted to the Catholic faith as an adult over 30 years ago. Her conversion story started when she sarcastically said to her Catholic boyfriend at the time, "I suppose if we were to get married, you would want me to convert." He thought for a moment and said, "Well, I am worried about your soul." And so the journey began ...

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