Living the Feminine Genius in the Midst of our Secular Culture

"Living the feminine genius in the midst of our secular culture" by Hannah Christensen (

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This past January, there was a women’s march in Washington DC. It was a march that was all over the news, with activists calling for women’s rights, equality in the workplace, immigration and health care reform, freedom of religion and reproductive rights. Although some of the ideas were justified and worthy causes, some of it was not in accordance with the Catholic faith, particularly the agenda of women’s reproductive health, including abortion and contraception.

It was all the rage on the media for a few weeks and there was much controversy about it across social media. As I watched the events unfold and heard bits and pieces from Catholic and secular news sites, I became discouraged. It was upsetting to see the values of life and traditional femininity crushed under the weight of modern liberalism in such a prominent and even vulgar way. There were pro-life women’s groups that were denied sponsorship of the event and there was a mixed response toward the pro-life supporters who did attend the march. The women’s march was publicized as a march to unify and support all women, yet that welcome did not necessarily extend to women marching for life.

As I was pondering and praying about this chain of events and the emotions it stirred up in me, I was suddenly struck with the thought of Mary our mother. In a moment of Holy Spirit inspiration, I thought of her in all her womanly strength and grace and the power of her prayer, the rosary. In an instant, I was given a deep sense of peace and the troubled thoughts about the women’s march faded away. The noise of the media and the modern beliefs of the secular world cannot diminish the truth of real femininity. They can reject it, deny it, even stomp on it, but the feminine genius that Pope John Paul II talked about and the essence of womanhood found in the only perfect woman ever created, can not be erased.

We have only to look to Mary, as our model, to see what femininity really looks like. She has everything that we as women need to emulate. As the only woman without sin, she has all the qualities and characteristics of the ideal womanhood that God desires for all of us. Through her, He has not only given us the perfect example to look up to but a powerful Queen to intercede for our broken and disillusioned world. What better way for us to help her to do this than by praying the powerful prayer of the rosary in her honor?

As our country continues to become a more pagan place and a culture of death, it is evident to me that the Devil is on the warpath to destroy the family and the dignity of women. We are called to be vigilant and engage in the battle alongside our Heavenly Mother. We do this by utilizing the most powerful weapons we have: the Mass and the rosary. And by living out our vocations the best we can, reflecting on the true role of femininity that we woman are called to play.

Read Pope John Paul II’s letter to women and focus on living like Mary did: the submissive hidden life of gentleness, humility, generosity and dedication to her family. By doing these simple tasks, we can all do our part in helping to intercede for the world.

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  1. Joanna Railing on

    What a wonderful article! The women’s march that you referred to in your article, was something I would never be a part of. They did not represent women – real women- at all! In fact , I think their agenda was of the devil. Much of the march was filled with anger and hate, not love and faith. I am a Catholic stay at home mom of three boys and I’m always trying to fill our life with our faith. It is very difficult to do these days with the direction our world is headed. Looking to our Blessed Mother Mary as inspiration for women is wonderful! I pray for our world and our society – I don’t want my children to live in a world where the devil has taken over. I’ll look to Mary to help our families and myself as a woman and mother! Thank you for your inspiration!

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