Daily Gospel Reflection for June 5, 2017 - St. Boniface


Today’s Gospel: Mark 12:1-12 – St. Boniface

God has given us everything often we reject Him, we turn away from Him. Throughout history God has sent us many messengers of hope, peace, and love and most are rejected, ridiculed, and some have even given their lives to give us God’s message. Saints, martyrs, and ordinary people who have been persecuted simply for doing God’s will.

When I disrespect others, even by yelling at them in traffic when I am late, or by losing my temper with my spouse or my children, I am rejecting God. I am denying God’s messengers to me. We are all made in the image and likeness of God and even the most unlikely person is a messenger of God.

The next time you are tempted to lose your temper, to use negative words or actions against another human being, stop and think about the message they are bringing you. Stop and think about all God has given you. Perhaps the person who is cutting you off in traffic is God reminding you to drive safely, so instead of yelling at them say a prayer for the safety of all drivers. When you are tempted to lose your temper with your family, stop and think about them. They may infuriate you but they are God’s gift to you. They are God’s message of love for you.

Today’s Gospel teaches us to always be open to God’s messengers and to appreciate everything God has given to us. The most important gift God gave us, just like the man in the parable, was His Son. We need to embrace and love God’s Son, we need to listen to the message that this Son brings to us in the gospels.


How can you open yourself to God’s messages today? Where have you found an unexpected messenger of God?


God, giver of gifts, help me to embrace the messengers You send into my life, soften my heart against anger. I am grateful for all You have given me, especially Your Son, and the help You offer me in all forms. Amen.


Copyright 2017 Laura Nelson

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