Daily Gospel Reflection for June 11, 2017 - Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity


Today’s Gospel: John 3:16-18 – Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

God sending Jesus as a sign for His love for us was just the beginning of the many ways I believe His love is revealed. Though none of the others will ever compare to the opportunity of eternal life through Jesus – there are many ways to get a glimpse of that love in the every day. The smile on a baby’s face, the friend bearing coffee or chocolate (or both!), as well as beauty of the sunrise or sunset.

My life has long been blessed with moments I’ve dubbed as ‘godcidences’. Those moments when most would recognize the coincidence in the situation but may not attribute what has transpired to a sign of God’s love. Sometimes these moments are little things such as teaching during the homily of something on my heart, or thinking of a song and having it come instantly on the radio. The most remarkable came in the form of butterflies during the wait to bring home my daughter from China.

When in the process of adopting Faith, we were given news the trip to bring her home was being delayed four months. I was devastated. As I sat praying in her room, I saw a giant butterfly outside her window. For the next 4 months, I would see something to do with a butterfly every time I started grow weary of the wait. The remarkableness of this godcidence moment came in learning the butterfly, believed for many years to be deaf, is often used as a symbol for the Deaf. The little girl we were waiting for…was deaf.

Ours is not a distant or unaware God – He is loving and still giving us visible signs of His great and eternal love for each and everyone of us!


How can I prepare my heart to be more open to those godcidence moments in my own life?


Father God, I realize I can not spend my days seeking you in signs and wonders; my love should not come in what I can see but in faith. Yet, I pray to never miss or take for granted those precious signs of your love when you are gifting them to me.


Copyright 2017 Allison Gingras

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Allison Gingras created the Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women (OSV), including "The Gift of Invitation" and "Seeking Peace: A Spiritual Journey from Worry to Trust." Her ministry focuses on the grace of prayer, Scripture, and sacrament. Allison is the national WINE Steward for WINE: Women In the New Evangelization and hosts A Seeking Heart podcast.


  1. Edgard Janer on

    Thank you for this beautiful reflection!!! In February, of this year, my scientific mind was bothered by doubts and insecurities if GOD was listening to my needs and concerns! The following Day, with my two boys, in the living room, I kept hearing a Pecking noise on my living room window, when I turn to see, there was a Red Cardinal hitting that window , wanting to call our attention!!! That Sunday, at our Church, the Priest discussed Isaiah 64, stating that if God cares for little birds in the wild, how much more is His Love for Us!!!!, that night, while surfing the Internet I found a Posting with the exact Red Cardinal citing Isaiah 64!! Saying I ( God) am constantly looking after you!!!!, ever since this ocurred in February, that same Red Cardinal pecks at the same window, at least twice daily, till I acknowledge him!!! I Posted this on my Facebook Page!! God is Great, Loving and always looking after us!!! Thanks again, Edgard Janer

    • That story is so cool, especially because I have a cardinal that lives in our Rose of Sharon bush outside our living room window -and every time I see him it just makes me smile !! NOW i will smile wider and offer a prayer for you and your family, and a continued deepening of your faith!!

  2. Thank you for this. Lately, I have been missing those beautiful outward signs of God’s love. I can look back and see it when I take the time to listen and ponder ❤️

    • I am convinced that a God who would make himself PHYSICAL would not then choose to be invisible. Prayers that you see just what you need for a peaceful, joyful heart!

  3. Kelly Guest on

    Allison, I love the term “godcidents” and plan to use it. My greatest godcident happened when I lost my baby (miscarried). When I went to Mass the following day, the reading was John 16:22: “You are sad for a time, but I shall see you again; then your heart will rejoice with a joy no one can take from you.” It was like God was allowing Thomas to speak to me!

    • OH I love when God speaks to me during the Liturgy – that seems like an extra special Kiss From the King moment . I don’t doubt for a moment that GOD Was allowing Thomas to speak comfort into your heart!! Thank you Kelly for sharing this sweet story of God’s amazing love for you!!

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