Daily Gospel Reflection for June 23, 2017 - Most Sacred Heart of Jesus


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 11:25-30 – Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

When I was considering becoming Catholic, we attended a small church called Sacred Heart. Uniquely Catholic, I thought, completely clueless as to why it was so touching that Jesus had this crazy-looking, rather sentimental heart outside his body.

Honestly, I ignored it.

And then…then I got older.

Now that I’m married with kids who are growing and going out into the world, I get it.

It’s not just an expression to say that your heart is out there walking around: it’s the truth. Whether you consider the DNA, or the effort put into parenting, or the expenses incurred feeding and clothing and educating them, those people I love ARE my heart.

And it hurts. Like. Crazy.

It seems especially appropriate then, that today’s Gospel features a line I need to lean into again and again: “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Jesus isn’t just using an expression. He has His Heart out there, in each of us, and He’s holding out His arms. Will we jump into them and let Him carry us?


How can Jesus give you rest today? Will you let him?


Sacred Heart of Jesus, help me to love like You do. Hold me and give me rest today. Amen.


Copyright 2017 Sarah Reinhard

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  1. Thank you so much God bless you for this article. God is so good and timely.
    I am Ethiopian catholic recently living in the USA and i used to pray the sacred heart prayer when i was in my country in our language. I rarely prayes it in my language since I came here. But for your surprise, i grab the prayer book in our language yesterday and i prayed the sacred heart prayer. Then in the beginning, the sacred heart image is there with the heart visible out of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s body, as a whole as you described it then i asked my self why? What does this mean. But i love the prayer and i kbow Jesus’ heart is full of love so i prayed it and i seeped. Now when i check my email i got one mail from catholic mom’s and when i opened it, it was to the point of my question and it touched my heart because i am a mom too. This is God’s grace flowing through you to me. God bless you sister in Christ. May the Holy Spirit continue to bless yoy with knowledge, understanding and wisdom about his kingdom and love so that so many will turn towards his loving heart and kingdom. God bless you abundantly. Keep you and your beloved ones in his faithful hands. Love

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