Daily Gospel Reflection for June 24, 2017 - Nativity of St. John the Baptist


Today’s Gospel: Luke 1:57-66, 80 – Nativity of St. John the Baptist

Today is the Nativity of John the Baptist. The man who became “strong in spirit” was once an infant with a name written on a tablet. His name heralded the beginning of the new. And that voice crying in the wilderness broke through a prophetic silence that had numbed the countryside.

I somehow imagine John the Baptist as a restless little boy whose hair stuck out even when slicked down with lard. He was forever climbing rocks. His hands were perpetually sticky. I’m sure of it.

For generations, the Word of the Lord had been delivered by angels, prophets, burning bushes, and voices from on high. Then one day, a father bowed his head and submitted that his son’s name would be John and he would prepare a way for the Most High.

A leader, as we all know, is never silent. John was loud, boisterous, and passionate. As his father’s tongue had been silenced due to his doubt of God’s message, John’s voice was amplified because of his conviction.

Know that when praying to the Lord with your whole heart, soul, and mind, He will answer you. His message might be delivered through a loud, rambunctious little boy who eats grasshoppers and honey and clamors over rocks. Some little boys cannot lie down at night unless they have spent the daylight speaking of great and wonderful things. God uses people such as these.

Accept His way with a joyful fiat.


When I am looking for an answer to prayer or discernment of God’s will, do I look to the sides of me and behind; or do I look straight ahead and listen to the voice that leads the way?


Dear Lord, secure in me the knowledge that as long as I walk in the path of John the Baptist and follow Your footsteps, my prayers will be answered and I will know Your will for me. Give voice to my silence by granting me the courage and conviction when a voice is needed.


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