Daily Gospel Reflection for June 25, 2017 - Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 10:26-33 – Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

My response to bible verses about birds has always been one of frustration.

Matthew 6:26 says, “Look at the birds in the sky; they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they?”

To which my ungrateful response has always been, “Well, what do we make of the dead birds we see all the time?” Unfortunately, I interpreted this comforting and hopeful verse it as an empty promise that falls apart if you ask just a few more questions.

Today’s verse changes that for me: “Are not two sparrows sold for a small coin? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s knowledge.”

Rather than promising comfort and life in the form of the health of all birds, God instead shows me that even when death happens, He’s at the helm.

Birds that die are not the exception to God’s love – they’re the completion of God’s love.

And that’s where the trust can come in if I let it. Am I willing to trust that God’s hand is behind the events of my life? Can I embrace the good things and the bad things that come as a part of my spiritual journey? And can I look forward to the end of that journey as a planned and beautiful thing?


Do I trust that God’s hand is behind every dip and swell in my life? Do I trust that every good thing I have is truly meant for me, and that God has planned the best possible plan for me?


Lord, help me see Your love in every bird – the flying ones, the eating ones, the beautiful ones, and even the dead ones. Give me faith that every step of my faith journey is in Your hands.


Copyright 2017 Hannah Jean Kahn

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  1. The gospel, is the food for our souls. I eas really amazed upon knowing the gospel from here, its easy for us to review even though u cannot open buble everyday but theres another way of reading it, thru using wifi pjone its easy to review and read the gospel. I

    • Sylvia Rodriguez on

      I need to focus more on prayer and not my self. I fall short on my faith but I know God has been there for me. My Boyfriend has stage four kidney failure I’m try to stay strong and not fall apart but I need God in my life and in Adrian’s because I know God will get him through this. God has got me through a lot of things with myself and my boys! Thank you not sure if this is what I’m suppose to write but this is what came to my heart!

    • Today, My life is so empty because I misse my friends, my sisters, my son, they are far from me. I missed those bonding moments of them. Most of it ,I missed God in my lif. I was very lazy now. I forgot to pray. But I attended the mass, but not very often.My soul is very hungry of God’s word. I really missed God in my life, I fell emptiness in my heart, something is lucking…and this is “Prayers”. I want to fell happines that come’s from within. With Jesus in my heart.The center of my heart. I’m so sad right now, as if there’s a pain inside my heart which is I want to give up and lift up everything in to God so that I can find peace in my heart. I knew God is always beside me He never leave me. He’s waiting for me everyday . I want to cry out loud…but I can’t. It’s deep inside my heart. the pain, the emptiness, the loneliness. I want to let go all of this emptiness, loneliness and the pain inside my heart. And let God be the center of my heart so I can find peace in my,mind heart and soul. And so I can move on to a new and better life style.

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