A Reason to Celebrate

"A reason to celebrate" by Courtney Vallejo (CatholicMom.com)

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We’re Catholic – we celebrate! Feast days, Solemnities, Christmas, Easter, Epiphany: you name it, we celebrate it!

I had a non-Catholic relative tell me recently, “you guys are always celebrating something!” I mean, how can you not want to be Catholic?

In our house, every family member gets to celebrate the feast day of the saints they are name after as well as the anniversary of their Baptism. I don’t have a saint name, so I celebrate my favorite saint’s feast days.

Tradition in our house, is that the feast day person gets to pick what we eat for breakfast and dinner (of course, this is if Mommy remembers to ask them and buys the groceries for breakfast). In addition to the meal-picking, everyone gets to have the “You Are Special Today” plate. This was a tradition in my house which was used for birthdays. We always looked forward to the special plate and now my kids ask for it. No need to worry; if I forget to grab the plate, a sibling will step in to save the day, “But they need the plate, Mom!”

I love celebrating our feast days and Baptism days; it’s a great way for my kids to embrace and love our faith. I mean, who doesn’t love having the whole day about them? My kids have their birthday, 2 feast days and a baptism day. With 5 people in our house, it can be a bit much, and now we’re starting in with the other sacraments, so my oldest now has a First Communion day too! We also celebrate the baptism days of our Godchildren as well. We’ve heard from other friends that they celebrate every time the family goes to confession. So far, we’ve gotten ice cream after our kids’ First Reconciliation, but we’re not consistent enough about every confession. When I think about it, that’s a huge reason to celebrate! We have turned back to God with our whole heart! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate that?

I mean if you think about it, the church really shows us every Sunday is a celebration too! We receive the Body and Blood of Jesus, and as an added bonus – there are doughnuts afterwards!

Copyright 2017 Courtney Vallejo


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