Back to School with STYLE: What Parents Need to Know


Editor’s note: Lisa Hess has put her background in education and counseling to good use and shared some great advice for families as kids head back to school. Learn about the 3 different organizing styles and 3 personal styles, and find some techniques to help your children keep a handle on all their school paperwork.

Why organize by STYLE?

Back to School with STYLE: Why Organize by STYLE?

Take the quiz: what’s your child’s STYLE?

Back to School with STYLE Quiz: What’s Your Child’s STYLE?

What is STYLE, anyway?

Back to School with STYLE: What is STYLE, Anyway?

Get a handle on clutter before school starts:

Back to School With STYLE: A Few Simple Strategies for Defeating Clutter

What school supplies work best for the way your child works?

STYLE Savvy: Back to School Edition

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Lisa Lawmaster Hess has contributed articles to local, national and online publications, and is a blogger at The Porch Swing Chronicles, The Susquehanna Writers and here at She is the author of two non-fiction books (Acting Assertively and Diverse Divorce) and two novels, Casting the First Stone and Chasing a Second Chance. A retired elementary school counselor, Lisa is a lecturer in psychology at York College and enjoys singing with the contemporary choir at her church.

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