Back to School with STYLE: What Parents Need to Know


Editor’s note: Lisa Hess has put her background in education and counseling to good use and shared some great advice for families as kids head back to school. Learn about the 3 different organizing styles and 3 personal styles, and find some techniques to help your children keep a handle on all their school paperwork.

Why organize by STYLE?

Back to School with STYLE: Why Organize by STYLE?

Take the quiz: what’s your child’s STYLE?

Back to School with STYLE Quiz: What’s Your Child’s STYLE?

What is STYLE, anyway?

Back to School with STYLE: What is STYLE, Anyway?

Get a handle on clutter before school starts:

Back to School With STYLE: A Few Simple Strategies for Defeating Clutter

What school supplies work best for the way your child works?

STYLE Savvy: Back to School Edition

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Lisa Lawmaster Hess has contributed articles to local, national and online publications, and blogs at The Porch Swing Chronicles, The Susquehanna Writers and here at She is the author of two non-fiction books (Acting Assertively and Diverse Divorce) and two novels, Casting the First Stone and Chasing a Second Chance. A retired elementary school counselor, Lisa is a lecturer in psychology at York College and enjoys singing with the contemporary choir at her church.

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