Daily Gospel Reflection for August 8, 2017 - St. Dominic


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 14:22-36 – St. Dominic

Oh, boy. This Gospel reading always makes me want to crawl under the pew, saying “Not me! Certainly, I’m not like Peter!”

Let’s be honest.

We are all Peter. We’re all self-assured, even cocky, until we catch a glimpse of the winds waiting to batter us. Parenting, marriage, finances, job insecurities – all of these have kept me awake at night.

I’m certain I’m not alone.

Today, and always, let’s focus on keeping our eyes on Christ and set our fears aside.


Do you trust Jesus entirely? Or, like Peter, does your fear stand in the way?


Dear Jesus, forgive me for being just like Peter and letting fear control me. Help me to lay fear aside and trust in You.


Copyright 2017 Dianna Kennedy

Dianna Kennedy is the creator of The Kennedy Adventures and the host of the Keeping Catholic show, where she shares practical tips for Catholic parents.

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