Daily Gospel Reflection for August 9, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 15: 21-28

My friend, Karen, was going through that scary journey of multiple doctors appointments, test after test, and then the grueling wait for the results. During that time, she asked me if I thought she had a right to pray to be fully healed. From her perspective, she has lived a good life. She knows so many woman battling cancer. Maybe it was her turn.

I immediately responded that, of course, she should pray to be fully healed. There is no prayer too big for God!

In this scripture passage, the Canaanite woman approaches Jesus asking for full healing for her daughter. Not only does Jesus not respond, but His disciples want to send her away. Yet, she isn’t deterred.

Instead, she humbles herself, pays homage to Jesus, and then begs from the depths of her soul. Even when Jesus refers to her people as “dogs,” she will not give up. She knows, explicitly, that nothing is beyond the Master Healer. There’s no way she’s going to forego this opportunity for her daughter.

Seeing her unwavering faith, Jesus grants her request. Her daughter is healed within the hour.

I wonder if the Canaanite woman would have been as persistent for her own healing? Like my friend, Karen, I wonder if she would have questioned whether she had a right to beg for herself? As mothers, we will stop at nothing when our children need something. Why won’t we do the same for ourselves?

We are all God’s children. Just like we advocate for our kids, He wants to do the same for us, but only if we ask. When we do so, with the same unfaltering faith as the Canaanite woman, He always answers. Depending on the journey we are meant to walk, He either heals our body, or He heals our mind and soul.

P.S. – I’m thrilled to report that I just spoke to Karen this morning and all her tests came back negative! Thank you, God!


Is there something I need that I don’t feel worthy to pray for? Can I recognize that God always wants what’s best for me, and pray for it anyways?


Master Healer, help me to humble myself, paying homage to You first. Then, grant me the courage and conviction to present my petition to You with unwavering faith.


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Claire McGarry is the author of the Lenten devotional "With Our Savior," published by Creative Communications for the Family/Bayard, Inc. Her freelance work has appeared in various Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Focus on the Family magazine, These Days devotional, and the Keys for Kids devotional. The founder of MOSAIC of Faith, a ministry with several different programs for mothers and children, she blogs at Shifting My Perspective.


    • Thanks so much for your comment, Barb. More importantly, thank you for your prayer for Karen. I love your reminder that it’s important to pray in in gratitude, as well as supplication.

  1. Kelly Guest on

    Some times I have a harder tome praying for the little things, like I don’t want to bother the Almighty God with this minor matter that in the great scheme of things doesn’t seem to matter. In all honesty, I really need a new van and haven’t been able to find one we can afford. Maybe it is time to bow diwn and ask God whoprovided us with all things big and small.

    • I LOVE this concept, Kelly! You definitely should pray for Him to lead you to your new van, and I’ll join you in that. I’m confident He will hear us, and provide. 🙂

  2. Our Prayer Warriors certainly bombard God with our urgent prayer requests. We have had so very many
    positive answers and some that seem to need a little more time and more prayers. But we know God hears and answers. Trusting God is the key, even with our seemingly trivial prayer requests.
    Always enjoy, and learn from, your posts!!

    • Thanks for teaching me, Mom, that no request is too little or too cumbersome for God. You’ve been the ideal example with your prayer warrior requests, leading us all to Him for all things.

  3. Claire, your prayer was the perfect consolation for me today. Thank you for leading me in such a beautiful moment of conversation with God. Hugs. and praise God for Karen’s good news.

    • Lisa, your comment humbles me. I’m thrilled my reflection resonated with you. Thanks for taking the time to reach out and give me such positive feedback. Blessings to you!

  4. Happy you shared the wonderful news. Continued prayers for Karen. As moms I think we convince ourselves sometimes that our concerns/requests for ourselves are selfish and we should always be looking towards praying for others. Your weekly reminders have helped me look at myself as just as much a child of God as my children are or everyone else is. He wants us to come closer and ask for guidance and help. Big or little whatever is weighing on our hearts is big in God’s eyes.

    • I love all you shared, and the way you shared it, Liz. You should be blogging too. 🙂 Thanks for affirming my perspective, and then sharing your own. You inspire me to keep on this journey. Thank you so much for that!

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