Daily Gospel Reflection for August 13, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 10:7-15

Whenever I read this story I think about a young child learning to walk, or even better, learning to ride a bike. The parent is running alongside holding on to the handlebars as the child learns to pedal until finally the parent decides that the child has this and lets go. What happens next usually entails the child realizing that they are on their own and not being helped by mom or dad; panic ensues and they fall. The child’s faith is only strong if the solid hand of their parent on the handlebar remains helping them. The moment they are on their own, all faith is lost and they crash. Have you ever helped someone learn something new and watch them practice their new skill? They are clumsy at first, unsure of their ability, but as they continue to practice, they gain confidence and before you know it, they are sailing through.

Peter walking on the water was just like that: he only had faith as long as he didn’t think too much about what he was doing. Walking on water was more than Peter could believe, even with our Lord right there, and he began to sink into the water! Like the parent to the young child would inevitably say, “You had it, but let’s get a band-aid on that knee and try again another day,” Jesus was there to catch Peter and make things all better by getting him back in the boat and calming the winds for another day.


We all experience times when getting back in the boat of faith is hard, but when that happens, do you have a rescue plan? Is there a certain prayer regimen that helps? Is it attending daily Mass or maybe confession?


Dear Jesus, thank You for being there to help me with my faith. Continue to be there with Your hands outstretched to catch me as I make my way through this crazy world. I ask this in Your Name, Amen.


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