Study shows it . . . and we know it . . . but we are still too busy!

"Study Shows It. . .and We Know It. . .But We are Still Too Busy!" by Tami Kiser (

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It’s that time of year to begin looking at our schedules and thinking, “Hmmm, how many things can I jam into my schedule for this year?” One thing I’ve learned after starting many, many school years, is that it’s better to add things as the year progresses, than to have to drop commitments or to do too many things poorly.

For me—I’ve got to bring it all to prayer.

Another thing I’ve learned is that despite how busy we are, the most important priority that we have in our lives is relationships. Our relationship with God, with our spouse, with our children, and yes, with our friends. This is one part of my schedule that I can’t neglect.

In one of the most famous and long-term studies about well-being, Dr. Waldinger, a Harvard psychiatrist who was the fourth person to take over the study, says that “wealth, fame, career success—won’t bring you health or happiness. It’s the work you put into maintaining connections with other human beings that will.”

Instinctively, we all know this. The people in our lives are what matters most. However, the way we live our busy lives often seems to ignore this fact.

Here is one small way to both improve some of the many relationships in your life and at the same time, build lasting friendships with other women. It’s called “Relationships,” and it’s one of those DVD programs that you can use in your parish. This one is specifically for women. It is made up of 12 20-minute presentations by popular authors and speakers all about “Relationships.” And the best part of the program is the time after the presentation. The program comes with a discussion guide so that you can share, reflect, and encourage the other members of your group. It’s the perfect opportunity to build relationships and friendships.

"Study Shows It. . .and We Know It. . .But We are Still Too Busy!" by Tami Kiser (

Copyright 2017 Tami Kiser. All rights reserved

At a time when many of us are too busy for meaningful conversations or to build better relationships, we need our parishes to provide this opportunity. And we need somebody in the parish to lead it.

Do you need more meaningful relationships in your life? Are you being called to start a women’s group or mom’s group?  Are you being called to be a part of one that is already started at your parish?

During the month of August, you can win one of the “Relationships” DVD programs. Enter today for one of many chances to win.

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