A Summer of Spiritual Renewal

"A Summer of Spiritual Renewal" by Pam Spano (CatholicMom.com)

Copyright 2017 Pam Spano. All rights reserved.

This summer I was desperate to go on vacation and get away from my daily routine. What I got was a spiritual renewal. The BFF and I had planned to go on a vacation for the last two years. Finances and circumstances nearly thwarted our effort to get together, but we were triumphant!

God took me out of my environment to enjoy a city I have lived in all my life with the person whom I’ve known the longest. The BFF and I go back 51 years!

Once I got home, the first thing I did was take care of our finances, then a health issue, back to writing, reading and well, life. I felt renewed, energized and strengthened. During the vacation, the daily tasks of our home life was pushed to a corner of my mind and I allowed the good company of my friend, a hotel room, good food and music to just embrace me. A little bit of retail therapy was helpful, too!

"A Summer of Spiritual Renewal" by Pam Spano (CatholicMom.com)

Copyright 2017 Pam Spano. All rights reserved.

After my vacation, I went back to daily Mass. I hadn’t been to daily Mass in a long time. Weather, illness and just plain laziness kept me from attending. When I did return, I was so happy that I did! I had missed it and I felt guilty. I’m fortunate that I have the opportunity to go to daily Mass and I hope I don’t forget that again.

Last summer, I wanted to spend it as if it was my last, but this summer, I needed a spiritual renewal.

Have you ever experienced a spiritual renewal? What brought it about? Do you have certain scriptures that are your “go-to” for renewal of your spirit?

Copyright 2017 Pam Spano


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