Daily Gospel Reflection for August 28, 2017 - St. Augustine


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 23:13-22 – St. Augustine

Whenever I see a Gospel reading with Jesus talking to the Pharisees, I take it as a direct, personal reprimand from our Lord. And I mean that in a good way.

Like the Pharisees, I tend to have moments where I think I have it all figured out. My pride rears its head and I forget how to be humble. The seemingly harsh way Jesus addresses the scribes and Pharisees, the “blind guides,” it would be easy to write them off as hopeless sinners. But that’s not what our Lord does.

Instead, Jesus takes the time to correct them, knowing they might not listen. He’s angry—rightfully so—but let’s not forget that the Pharisees are as valuable to God as anyone else. Jesus came to save everyone, including folks who get things really backwards and confuse others along the way.

As a mother, I try to be cognizant of what I am teaching my children about the Faith, about living a good life, about serving the Lord. The kids are young and need training and formation to do these things well. But I am also a work in progress. I, too, need to work continually on being formed as a daughter of God, a servant of Christ. I need to enter into an all-encompassing relationship with our Lord, even when I think I can handle things myself, even when I think I’ve messed up too much to be forgiven. Especially then.

Jesus comes to the scribes and Pharisees to tell them they messed up. They got it wrong. And they’re messing with other people, which is even worse. But let’s not forget that He comes to them from a place of love, of service, of self-sacrifice. It is for these, too, that He gave Himself up on the cross.


It’s been said that your life may be the only Gospel some people read. What habits can you improve on to let Christ’s light shine more clearly through you?


Lord Jesus, teacher, friend, and guide, help me to set my heart on Your will, rather than my own. Forgive me when I’ve not been a sound example of Your love and help me to serve You more completely today.

Copyright 2017 Lindsay Schlegel

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