Daily Gospel Reflection for September 1, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 25:1-13

This past year, I heard a talk by a Marian sister, Sr. Serena, who came to my local moms’ group to talk about prayer. She highlighted this very passage about the ten virgins and so I was excited to pick this reading for my Gospel reflection. In her talk, she stated that the oil in this parable is the oil of friendship and symbolizes the amount of intimacy we, the virgins, have with God, the bridegroom. Those who have a blossoming friendship with God have lamps overflowing with oil, and those who do not have an active friendship with God have lamps empty of oil.

Sr. Serena pointed out in her talk that the way we obtain and grow this friendship with God is through prayer. And it’s not some lofty, fancy type of prayer, but an ordinary, everyday type of prayer, where we invite God into everything we are going through. Where we spend time listening to Him in silence and where we communicate the doubts, worries, joys and accomplishments of our days, just as we would to our close friends or our spouses.
If we can slowly, little by little and day by day, acquire this practice of relaying our lives to God, then it will eventually become second nature to communicate with Him on a daily basis. So hopefully, when we come to that day of entering into the wedding feast of Heaven, the door will not be locked, but wide open, welcoming us in with our lamps full of the oil of God’s friendship.


What are some small concrete ways I can grow in my friendship with God each day?


Bridegroom of my soul, help me to nurture my friendship and communication with You so that my lamp may be full.

Copyright 2017 Hannah Christensen

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