Daily Gospel Reflection for September 2, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 25:14-30

One has to feel for this poor servant – he was too afraid of his master to risk losing the one talent he was entrusted with, so he buried it and gave it back to him undeveloped. This faulty decision, which was interpreted as laziness, caused him to lose everything and be cast out of his master’s employment. Since he was given all he could supposedly handle he should have had enough confidence in himself and his abilities to make something out of the opportunity. Alas, fear, indecision or just plain malaise froze the servant into non-action so that talent was returned in its original condition.

Truth be told, we all can be a little like this underproductive employee at times – not using our God-given talents in the service of others or just letting them lay dormant for no one to benefit from. Maybe we’re afraid of choosing a career path that suits our natural abilities rather than the one we can best profit from monetarily. Or perhaps we are lucky to be just good enough in many different areas that we become that “jack of all trades” while never mastering one or more talents that could bear good fruit. Sadly, maybe we just think so little of ourselves and our gifts that we never believe our talents are of any use to anyone, stunting our abilities and not living life to the full.

God’s abundant love has endowed each of us with all the talents, both known and hidden, that we need to share with the world. Only we can choose to discover, nurture and multiply them…or not. Are you up to the task or will you return them to our generous Creator unused? The choice is yours to share in our Master’s joy!


Put yourself in the place of the Master in the parable – how would YOU respond to the lazy servant as he hands you back the one talent?


Heavenly Father, help me discover, nurture and multiply the talents You have given me for my life. May You then welcome me tired and spent to share in Your joy when my time on earth is completed.

Copyright 2017 Joanne Mercier

Joanne Mercier currently serves as a Pastoral Associate for the Cranberry Catholic Collaborative in the Archdiocese of Boston. Married for 34 years to her husband, Kevin, she is an avid baseball fan (Red Sox, of course), a genealogy enthusiast, a self-proclaimed gadget queen and host/moderator of the Monday Morning Catholic podcast. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

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