Small Success: Thank God for the mess


Counting your blessings from the past week is a way of gathering joy, of reminding each of us of the purpose of our vocations as parents, as spouses, as Catholics. I’d noticed in recent days, my willingness to act required more will. I didn’t want to cook or to write or to clean; I wanted to read, to vegetate, to be still. It wasn’t a need to relax; it was a form of sloth.

Part of it was sorrow, watching my home town and neighboring towns suffer Hurricane Harvey. Part of it was not feeling ready to restart work come this week. Part of it was feeling like for whatever reason, my own spiritual life hit a brick wall.

So this weekend, I went to confession, and the weight of it all fell away. Somehow, I was able to clean the upstairs despite it being horrid, because I’ll say, grace. Grace let me do it. Grace helped me see I have so much to be grateful for, most especially all of my family being okay after the storm. It gave me perspective on the mess I cleaned up … it isn’t so much … it’s just mess. Thank God for the mess.

Sometimes we need to count our blessings to see we have them, and sometimes, we need to count our blessings because we forget all that we have is grace, all that we have is a gift. Sometimes we need to do so to remember how to be grateful. Sometimes we need to do so because otherwise, we can become stagnant in our lives and unable to go forward. For all these reasons, Small Success Thursday is here. I hope you’ll join in and list three things you did this week for which you want to tell the world, “Thank God for the grace.”

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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  1. God’s Grace this week 1. Got us back in the groove for the 5:30 am School Wakey Wakey time #bleck; 2. Given me enough mobility in a very eczema ridden hand to begin blogging again; and 3. finished the swapping of rooms with my son (see #2 and hand issues) — it came out so cute!! We are enjoying the smaller, I MEAN cozier room.

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