Daily Gospel Reflection for September 8, 2017 - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 1:1-16, 18-23 – Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

In today’s Gospel, we follow Jesus’ lineage. Tracing the lines back so many generations reminds me of a mighty oak – strong, sturdy, and able to withstand challenges.

My own family legacy is not so beautiful. Instead, my family tree is pockmarked with disease, broken by divorce, infidelity, suicide and abandonment. My family issues were a source of embarrassment as a child, and brought bitterness and anger as an adult. I can’t share stories of my parents’ childhood with my children, because I don’t know any.

For years, hearing this Gospel made me sad, and I longed for a ‘normal’ family. Fast forward to today – I’ve finally realized that I’m not tied to a broken family legacy. Instead, I’m using the Holy Family as a model as we continue to grow our own family.


What parts of your family legacy are you carrying forward? What parts are you leaving behind?


Dear Jesus, guide me to look toward the Holy Family to shape and form my own family. Help me to follow Mary as the perfect model of Christian motherhood.

Copyright 2017 Dianna Kennedy

Dianna Kennedy is the creator of The Kennedy Adventures and the host of the Keeping Catholic show, where she shares practical tips for today’s Catholic parent.

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  1. Take solace in knowing that even Jesus’ genealogy is spotted with stories of adultry and murder, sexual immorally, unfaithfulness, and those thought to be unclean. And Matthew takes every opportunity to point them out. Perhaps he wants us to know that there is no such thing as a perfect family tree. There are knots and gnarled branches in all of ours. Take hope for God can raise holiness out of the ruins of evil!

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